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How having a Google Business Profile brings free SEO traffic

Google is the world’s biggest search engine. In fact, it makes up 87% of the online search market. Online SEO is essential to optimize your website and earn a higher rank on the search engine results pages (AKA, SERPS), the page you see after entering a query into Google. We know it might seem not very clear, so let us explain.

There are two types of SEO traffic: organic traffic and paid traffic. Understanding these two makes a difference for businesses and their target audience. Organic traffic comes from direct clicks to your website. This traffic comes mainly from Social Media, email newsletters or Google’s Search Results. On the other hand, paid traffic comes from funded advertisements like ‘click-per-click’, influencers or sponsorships. However, none of the mentioned above would work if it wasn’t for the power of keywords.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. What exactly are keywords?

They are ideas or topics that define what the content you’re trying to advertise is about, or in our terms, they are words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also known as ‘search queries’. This means that keywords bridge people’s inquiries and your content. Therefore your business’ goal is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result pages, which keywords will help you set a target.

It is important to know that assets take time to build, but there is a way google can help you boost your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Google Business Profiles are tools that allow business owners to manage their products or services online, edit pictures, monitor reviews, edit open hours, and add their website and phone number. Opening a Google Business Profile is one of the best and cheapest options to boost your sales and presence, but before we move further, here are five simple reasons why they are a great asset.

A Google Business Profile will help you target a specific keywords

As we previously explained, the topics you choose to advertise are essential for reaching your target audience and increasing search traffic. In digital marketing, tracking the high and low volume of searches is essential to accelerate the process of approaching a niche market while using the broad keyboard of Google to type those keywords and scan through the options.

For example, let’s say your business sells second-hand books; therefore, to improve your knowledge of standard search terms regarding that topic, you’ll have to look up the words:

second-hand books.

If you notice, the first result is paid advertising or an ad, but then Google shows a map with the nearest second-hand book stores from your location. If you have a Google Business Profile, you can show it on these Google Maps results and get free organic traffic!

After you set up your Google Business Profile, your business could appear at the top of Google search results by showing your business’ information like your physical address, phone number, website and reviews on Google Maps. Google shows business profiles for local keywords and domains with high domain authority. For this reason, ensuring your profile’s information is up to date will determine whether or not people reach your website.

The more up-to-date your Google Business Profile is the more authority Google will give it.

Updating it more = more authority = more customers from Google.

Configure your Google Business Profile to perfection: Second-hand books vs Used books

By now, we know that Google prefers to rank high-quality content and displays local businesses if there's a local search term, like second-hand books. Regardless, there needs to be great content marketing which, of course, includes SEO.

When you target a keyword, you want to determine and match the search intent; otherwise, you’ll likely struggle to rank on Google. Configure your Google Business profile with complete and detailed business information to help Google understand what's your business about and match your profile to relevant searches. But before you go any further, let’s recall the importance of reviewing each intent type.

When you configure your business profile you will need to add a business description and even add products you already offer. Keywords will boost your listing over your competitors. Include the keywords your business already ranks for and search for locally relevant keywords.

For example, second-hand books have a low search volume, but used books has a much higher search volume, so optimize your business description on Google Business Profile for used books.

If you don’t where to start, Merchynt can give you a hand! Merchynt can get your business to the top 3 of local Google search results guaranteed!

Engage with your community and get more reviews

Businesses with many positive reviews are twice as likely to be considered reputable.

Let’s go back to the example above. The first thing you do when looking for second-hand books is google it unless you’re feeling like going for a walk and finding it yourself. But nowadays, people tend to treasure time, so a quick google search is much more likely than a lovely walk to a book shop searching.

If you google “second-hand books near me” right now, it’s very likely that the first result is book shops with a 4.0+ star rating, even though there are probably hundreds of book shops with a Google Business profile. So reviews are paramount for a successful campaign.

The bottom line: Does having a Google Business Profile help with SEO?

Definitely! Your Google My Business profile has the potential to show up before domains with massive traffic.

A Google Business Profile also improves local SEO. If people search for keywords like ”near me” or “along my route” your business is 1000% more likely to show up.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. We can help you get to Google’s first page! We deliver tangible results within 6 months. Cheaper than ads or marketing.

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