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3 benefits of creating a Google Business Profile for Small Businesses

Customers can access information about scheduling, website URLs and prices with a simple online search. About 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. Who would go to a local paper or directory for answers? Even the word Google is now a common verb.

With so many Big Tech and large companies taking over most of Google’s search results, it’s essential to find a strategy to map out your business and make it stand out among other companies. Google Business Profile is a tool that could rapidly help your small business compete with large companies.

Google Business give small businesses the chance to be found through a simple search and showcase helpful information about their physical store or online service area. Since it is a personalized tool, owners can customise data like:

  • Pictures of the venue

  • Schedule updates

  • Share contact information

  • Add business hours

  • Include your business's website

But most importantly, your Google Business profile will let you communicate with online users, especially over the ‘question and answer’ feature or the review section.

Here are 3 reasons why having a Google Business Profile is the best strategy for small businesses:

1. Boost your sales by prioritizing geolocalization

If you Google "Best Italian restaurant" you won't get the best restaurants in Italy as the result. Instead, you'll see the best Italian restaurant near you, next to their location on Google Maps. It's simply because it's a lot more convenient to visit the best Italian restaurant next door than to visit the best in Italy.

86% of people use this tool to locate businesses and quickly study their options. If the place happens to be nearby, it is more likely that the business is getting a new customer.

In fact, customers who optimize their business through Google Business Profile are 50% more likely to make a sale. By listing their company and following the steps to set up their location, their business will pop up for the local searches on Google.

2. Make a breakthrough in your local rankings.

Usually, the results that pop up first on Google are the ones that constantly update their information regarding services and contact data. This is typically referred to as the Google Three Pack.

Let’s say you’re looking for an electrician nearby. The example above has the keyword Electrician as their main category, all have a phone number and website, and two have business hours. These results are above organic results, which means that no matter the business’ scope, Google will accommodate the statistics to the date filled in your profile.

Having a way to connect with an organization or business is key to displaying the ‘personality’ behind the company, which can be showcased through pictures of their products, logo, or even their color palette.

The more your customers know about your brand, the easier it will be for them to approach you. Google Business Profile will give you an Insights page that can even show you how people are finding your business so you can do more of what’s working.

3. Engage with your community!

Potential customers can connect with your business through different channels. Whether it's social media or your website, it is essential to make them work synchronically. Google Business Profile is basically a tool for free advertising; therefore, standing out from your competitors is key.

Providing a detailed description of your business and staple achievements will make clients attracted to your company. Using relevant keywords and prioritizing marketing strategies (through social media) will boost your online traffic. Customers will be able to: book a service, call your business directly and even figure out directions to locate your company.

Allow potential customers to identify with your brand and become a frequent clients!

A Google Business Profile also improves local SEO which is particularly beneficial for restaurants. If people search for keywords like ”near me” or “along my route” your business is 1000% more likely to show up.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. We can help you get to Google’s first page! We deliver tangible results within 6 months. Cheaper than ads or marketing.

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