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About Merchynt

The story:

Merchynt was formed in 2019 when Justin Silverman, an executive at a publicly traded software company, noticed major inequalities in purchasing power between large and small companies, and he set out to solve that. His first breakthrough came when he realized that point of sale (POS), and other b2b software companies manage the operational side of a business but typically don't help their customers actually grow their businesses. That's when Merchynt was formed.

By enabling software companies to offer their customers marketing tools & services, both the software company & their customers win. The software company can offer it for much less than a marketing agency since they earn their revenue elsewhere, and a small business owner gets software for sometimes 90% less than they'd otherwise have to pay.

After successfully partnering with many industry-leading b2b software companies, Merchynt partnered with the New York State Restaurant Association in 2021 to help them help their members manage their online reputations.

Off the back of its success offering white-label marketing tools to b2b software companies, associations, and agencies, in 2022, Merchynt launched its Google Business Pro service, which quickly grew in popularity, especially among agencies looking to outsource their own client work to a USA-based supplier.

With the same goal of helping small business owners succeed and the launch of the OpenAI APIs, in early 2023, Merchynt began developing ProfilePro - an AI Chrome Extension that would combine their years of local SEO experience with the world's leading AI platform with the goal of turning every small business owner into the world's best local SEO expert with just the click of a button. With no marketing, the beta waitlist for ProfilePro quickly grew into the hundreds and had thousands of downloads within the first few months.

Stay tuned for the rest of Merchynt's story.

Key Information:

Founded: 2019

HQ: Santa Monica, California

Team Size: 30

Workstyle: Fully Remote

Mission: Help small business owners

The Founder:

Founder: Justin Silverman

Location: Santa Monica, California

Bio: Justin started his career in the b2b software industry and grew to become the head of a cloud-based point of sale division in North America for a publically traded company. After growing that division to become the industry leader, Justin then helped the same company launch and run, as President, an API gateway company that simplified industry integrations. Once that company was established and operating profitably, Justin moved on to a Head of Partnerships role for the global organization, which is when he had the idea for Merchynt.


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Media Contact

Name: Lana Halavi


Phone: 323-212-5327

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Proudest Moments

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