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Best Tips to Manage a Google Business Profile and Get More Visits

On average, 227 million people use Google as their resource to look things up each hour, which means that, no matter the content they search for, 91.9% of businesses are benefiting from those users. At least 63% of Google’s organic traffic comes from mobile devices which means most people are now searching for local businesses while on the go. It's no surprise 70% of local searches on Google result in an in-person visit within 24 hours!

All of this is being achieved through Google Business Profile, a tool made especially for developers and organizations for them to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

Google Business Profile grants organizations the opportunity for their business to be found through a simple search, in which potential clients can access useful information about their physical store or service area.

Since it is a personalized tool, owners will manage their profile through the Search Engine and Maps. These portals let business owners add customized data such as pictures of the store and schedule updates, but most importantly, the profile will let them communicate with online users, especially over the ‘question and answer’ feature or the review section.

As learning how to make good use of your own Google Business Profile is key, here are three tips that will boost your business:

Take control of how the first impression goes

In order to help possible customers and future clients find your business nowadays it is crucial to be able to tell a story, one in which you highlight essential information and show what makes your business unique.

Add fundamental data like your contact number, hours of operation or the necessary health measures to visit your business. Additionally, make sure to keep this information updated in order for clients to know what to expect.

When more people can find you, more people can choose you. Start boosting your sales here.

Share your Personal Brand

A way to connect with an organization or business is to display the ‘personality’ behind the company, which can be showcased through pictures of their products, logo, or even their color palette. Allowing customers to see what your company stands for will make them identify with your brand.

List your company’s attributes!

Nowadays, it is vital to stand out from other businesses by showcasing what makes your company different and rare. For instance, it is important to list the attributes that compliment the brand of your business, such as: being a company administered by women, being the first all-black-owned business in the neighborhood, or even the first LGBT skate shop to exist in town!

Allow potential customers to identify with your brand and become frequent clients!

A Google Business Profile also improves local SEO, which is particularly beneficial for restaurants. If people search for keywords like ”near me” or “along my route” your business is 1000% more likely to show up.

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