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White Label SEO - What it is and How To Resell It

In this article we will cover:

  • Why should marketing agencies get white label SEO software?

  • How does SEO work?

  • Types of SEO strategies

  • What’s local SEO

  • Why local SEO is important for small business owners

  • The white label SEO industry

  • The benefits to selling white label SEO instead of doing the SEO work yourself

  • How much do white label SEO services cost?

  • Who can you resell it to?

  • Get started as a white label SEO reseller

Search Engine Optimization (AKA SEO) is the most popular service among marketing agencies around the world. In fact, 52% of small businesses in the USA set a monthly budget for SEO and this number is only expected to increase in the near future. So how could digital marketing agencies adapt to the increasing demand? The answer is simple, offering SEO services under your brand.

Why should marketing agencies get white label SEO software?

SEO is a marketing strategy to help a website rank on Google’s first page results “organically”, which means you are not paying Google to show up on their first page. SEO is a long term bet, and contrary to paid media, it might take some time for your website to show up in the top 10 results.

We all know that most clients, especially small business owners, are KPI oriented and demand fast results. So how could a marketing agency produce successful keyword strategies, generate high-quality content while creating partnerships with other sites, monitoring the site’s technical health and at the same time scale their services? Let’s look at how SEO works and how white label SEO services could help.

How does SEO work?

Google has one single task and this is to answer questions as accurately as possible. Search engines like Google use algorithms to rank and select the most appropriate content for the keywords being searched. This is not an easy process. The algorithm considers several factors in deciding how high a page should rank.

Google uses crawlers to gather these factors and understand each page. This could include text, images, videos, local business listings, and internal and external links.

There are several strategies marketing agencies can use to help Google crawlers decide that your content is high-quality and rank it on Google’s first page results. However, the strategy will vary according to the client and that’s why many marketing agencies choose to get white label SEO software when scaling their business. Let’s have a look at some common SEO strategies.

Type of SEO strategies

Gallagher Way is a thriving marketing agency with 20+ clients looking for organic growth. They have a small group of incredibly talented marketing strategists, content creators and data analysts. At first glance, Gallagher Way is already set up for success, but it turns out that its clients range from B2C sneakers brands to B2B legal services and C2C real estate offers in the Metaverse.

At this point, Gallagher way is struggling to deliver outstanding results for each individual client, as they have the talent, but lack additional resources.

What did they do to keep all their clients happy? Keep reading to find out.

In the beginning, Gallagher Way marketing agency set up different SEO strategies for each client:

B2C SEO strategies:

Smart Keyword Research: Competition is fearless when it comes to SEO keyword opportunities. Marketing agencies need to be smart when looking for content and keyword ideas to help popular topics rank organically. Marketing agencies could use tools like and SEMRush to find content ideas and check for volume and possible competitors.

Audit your Technical SEO: The word technical scares many away, but this really means to ensure that the great content you are producing is properly found and read by Google’s search engine. Marketing agencies could do it manually or use tools like Screaming Frog or Deep Crawl to scan their website and check for technical issues.

Backlink Creation: As we mentioned before, Google’s only purpose is to answer questions as accurately as possible. This implies displaying only the best content out there, and a good way to prove your website is offering top-knot content is through domain authority. According to Moz (the creators of this concept) Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater likelihood of ranking.

So, how could marketing agencies work on the domain authority of their clients? One way is through backlinks. This is the practice of connecting your website to another website somewhere in their content. This could be on a blog post, a service page, or any other page on a website. The more quality backlinks you create, the higher the likelihood to get found organically.

B2B SEO Strategies:

In theory, Google crawls all websites following the same parameters. So why would marketing agencies bother to create different SEO strategies for B2B and B2C businesses?

Because B2B and B2C audiences are entirely different. The way CFOs consume information is almost the opposite of high-school kids looking for sneakers.

So here are some common B2B SEO strategies:

Content for B2B Marketing Funnels: One of the most common ways to succeed at B2B SEO is by building a Pillar & Cluster strategy.

  • Pillar content is a central topic supported by many cluster pages that link to the pillar page. This pillar page should be as robust as possible as this is the hub for all the cluster pages. The goal of cluster pages is to answer more specific questions and complement the pillar page.

  • Audit your On-Site SEO: On-site SEO is basically how your content is structured on your website. The most common way to audit your On-site SEO is:

  • Descriptive URLs: Make sure to use the chosen keywords in the URL.

  • Meta titles: This is the title Google will display in their search results. Make sure it’s catchy and doesn’t exceed the 55-character limit.

  • Meta description: Meta descriptions must contain the keyword chosen as Google will crawl it to decide what’s inside the website.

  • Optimize your content: Oversaturating your content with keywords will likely decrease the time spent on your website and this could damage your domain authority. Instead, add images, videos, charts and everything that compliments your content.

  • Work on the website UX. Make sure the external and internal links are visible enough and smart with your CTAs.

If after a solid on-site, technical SEO and keyword research strategy is in place, your clients still don’t see results, you might consider more specific strategies like Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Out of the 20+ clients of Gallagher Way, 12 of them have a physical address. This gives them a competitive edge in terms of organic success thanks to local SEO.

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that helps businesses gain more visibility in local search results on Google.

In fact, 46% of all Google searches are local. But, what if a business doesn’t have a physical address?

Looking for more facts about Local SEO? See Merchynt’s more than 30 success stories.

How does Local SEO work for businesses without a physical location?

So you want to take advantage of the wonders of local SEO, but your client’s business doesn’t have a physical location. This might sound like trouble, but many local companies offer their products or services remotely by offering delivery options or visiting their clients personally.

What’s the point of a physical address? – Google uses local addresses to determine their geo-location or region, rank them accordingly, and provide users with the most accurate results.

However, there are other ways to help Google determine where the business is located.

The most straightforward way is by using Google My Business (GMB), a free business profile creation tool to establish your website as a business on Google. For instance, not everyone can open a Google My Business listing, but certain local businesses offer their services remotely without a brick-and-mortar storefront.

These local businesses are:

  • Dog walking

  • Garage door repairs

  • Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC)

  • Home inspection

  • Landscaping

  • Locksmithing

  • Painting

  • Pest control

  • Plumbing

  • Remote car detailing

  • Tutoring

  • Office cleaning

  • Window cleaning

Google will still ask for a physical address, but you just have to select NO for this option. Instead, you can pick up to 20 geographic regions and add a home address as a physical address to verify the GMB listing.

You can also improve your client’s local SEO by using citations. Local citations are any online mention of a local business's name, address, and phone number. These citations or mentions could appear in many different places like on social media, websites, online directories, etc.

Local citations are good for two reasons: They help customers discover your business and validate legitimacy and help Google rank your business locally without a physical location.

Now you know you can use local SEO to rank on Google’s first page results with or without a physical address. So how could marketing agencies help their clients rank quicker using local SEO?

Local results vs Snack Pack results

One of Gallagher Way’s clients is a B2B legal service firm in the example above. Its office is located in Los Angeles, but they cover cases from all over California.

When people search for law firms in Los Angeles, there are 2 types of results, Snack Pack results, right next to Google Maps and the average organic result [Best Law Firms in Los Angeles, CA].

Snack Pack Results Vs Local Results

According to Moz, 33% of clicks go to the local “snack pack” results, with 40% going to the regular organic results.

Conclusion: It’s worth ranking in both results!

Now, as almost all marketing agencies should be aware of… there are several ways to find results on Google. Mobile results are one of the most relevant ones [if not the most relevant].

Is your website mobile-friendly?

More than 60% of mobile users are more likely to contact a local business with a nice mobile website. So don’t underestimate the power of your mobile website!

As a marketing agency, it’s a must to make sure your client’s website is mobile-friendly. If you haven’t done it already check it here.

Why local SEO is important for small business owners

Going back to our law firm example, if you search for “best law firms in Los Angeles” the first result is Carbon Law Group.

Local SEO rank high domains even with a low authority

Funnily enough [at least for marketers] Carbon Law Group has a Domain Authority of 19 and as we explained earlier, Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater likelihood of ranking.

So without local SEO, Carbon Law Group is sadly highly unlikely to rank anywhere… but this isn’t the case, as this website meets key criteria for local SEO and this is getting positive reviews.

How to get positive reviews

The more positive reviews your clients get, the better for their local SEO, which confirms the business reputation. If you notice, all of the businesses above have almost 5 starts and several positive reviews. Yet getting there is a daunting task.

We can help you get more positive reviews for your business clients and improve your local SEO ranking almost instantly. Start now!

The white label SEO industry

Each SEO strategy listed above requires incredible time, effort, and creativity.

Each client needs a personalized SEO strategy as no two businesses are the same.

So how can you scale your marketing agency? Getting a white label SEO software is a great way to start.

White label SEO basically means selling SEO services under your brand, but someone else is doing the work.

Working with a white label marketing agency that offers excellent services at great prices is crucial. This will allow you to mark up their services enough to turn a nice profit without having to price yourself out of the market.

This is a booming industry, as there’s an increasing demand for SEO services.

The benefits to selling white label SEO instead of doing the SEO work yourself

There’s a huge potential to turn a nice profit from white label SEO, but there’s some risk.

It would be best to find a reputable SEO marketing agency, as your own reputation is on the front line. If the company doesn’t deliver as expected, customers won’t stay for long.

In order to check the reputation of a white label marketing firm, review their Trustpilot profile. Trustpilot closely monitors reviews, so they are most likely authentic.

Merchynt, for example, is a white label marketing firm, which offers white label SEO, white label social media management services, and white label reputation management software to an extensive network of resellers. Whether you want to resell white label SEO services or anything else, Merchynt can help be your backbone, and we have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot.

How much do white label SEO services cost?

Resellers and small businesses typically buy SEO services from white label SEO firms at different prices. All agencies vary, but you can normally expect that if you buy a service from a white label marketing firm, you can mark it up at least 100%, or in other words, always earn at least 50% profit on each service you sell. Remember, when you sell white label SEO services, you are not performing the work, so every dollar earned is free. You just need to maintain the relationship and keep your clients happy, so they keep using your white label SEO services.

Who can you resell it to?

Almost any type of local business can benefit from white label SEO services. This includes:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Retail stores

  • service businesses

  • House cleaners

  • Carpet cleaners

  • Lawn care businesses

  • Moving services

  • Plumbing businesses

  • Electricians

Local SEO is essential for local businesses and that's where you come in! You can provide them with the white label SEO services they need to improve their website and get more customers.

Get started as a white label SEO reseller

If you’re looking to increase your customers and profit, get in touch with Merchynt, we’re a team of experienced Local SEO experts. We offer the best white label marketing services and software, and also help independent marketers launch their white label marketing agencies with top-notch sales and marketing guidance.

About Merchynt

Merchynt is a white label marketing firm. We offer white label SEO, white label social media management services, and white label reputation management software to an extensive network of resellers. Whether you want to resell white label SEO services or anything else, Merchynt can help be your backbone.

We have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot and have helped +50 local businesses grow by more than 200% a year.


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