Google Business Pro

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A powerful service that gets any business to the top 3 of local Google search results guaranteed! This is not your grandpa's SEO.

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Faster & cheaper than SEO


Classic website SEO

Slow to work (likely won't)

Expensive to try

Competing with major brands

Viewers aren't targeted

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Google Business Pro

Tangible results within 3 months

Cheaper than ads or marketing

Only need to compete locally

All viewers are local

How to get your business in the top 3 spots on Google, guaranteed

Perform detailed local competitor analysis to see what your competitors are currently doing


Optimize your Google profile based on your competitor analysis findings, making sure all areas are filled out using targeted keywords

Update all of your photos with geo-tag information from nearby towns and cities


Create a Google Maps Profile with at least 10 driving directions from popular destinations around your city

Publish your free Google Business site for the added domain authority boost


Every month pick two keywords for your business, then create and publish 4 Google Business posts using them


Every month create 1 geo-network site using that month's targeted keywords


Every month create 10 web 2.0 articles using that month's targeted keywords and embed NAP driving direction maps to your business

Every week log into 30+ listing platforms to ensure they all have recent business information and are consistent


Or just pay us $499 per month to do it all for you

Protected by our money-back guarantee.

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