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How to remove bad Google Reviews from your Business Profile

Google Reviews play a big role in showcasing a business online. In fact, they can make or break an enterprise. Why? Well, because they are the internet’s Word of Mouth. About 63% of people are more likely to research and check other clients' opinions before approaching and purchasing from a business, especially if it’s their first contact with the enterprise.

According to Oberlo, 54% of users read at least four to five reviews before going to a restaurant, buying a product or booking a holiday. Since customer’s reviews are a way to boost an enterprise’s marketing asset, the influence they have on potential clients is vital. It is important to note that: a business can have either positive or negative commentaries.

Getting a ‘bad review’ is not the end of the world. On the contrary, it proves that your enterprise is a real business. Most organizations present a mixture of positive and negative criticism; however, the most valuable aspect of commentaries is not how good or bad they are, it’s the enterprise's response to them.

Should you remove all bad Google customer reviews?

Factors like using a ‘Q&A’ feature or responding to personal inquiries may improve your average rating. First off, behind what may seem like a negative comment is a client whose opinion matters. Although a disgruntled user may not seem enough to influence many people’s opinion, their comment is seen by multiple future customers.

Here's an example: Cliff and Emma own a bed and breakfast. During their first year as hosts, they received a couple of mixed reviews. On the one hand, Joseph and Sofía enjoyed their stay and left a positive review. But, George and Isabella suggested that the restrooms and eating nook needed a little cleaning. All reviews show up on Google Business Profile, commenting that dirty bathrooms and messy eating areas eclipsed their holiday.

Those unfavourable comments weigh more on the listing’s page because their rating scores higher on the search engine’s first database.

So, if you decide to delete a customer review, how can you do so?

To delete a bad Google Review, the Google’s Business’ Profile owner must report it. Google does not get involved with enterprises unless they acknowledge inappropriate behaviour. Since there is no particular way to tell who’s right when it comes to a customer’s experience, however, if the owner of an enterprise thinks that the language, intention or information displayed in the unfortunate comment fits any of the following categories:

  1. Hate Speech

  2. Civil Discourse

  3. Mature Content

  4. Any type of Deceptive Content

You can send a request to Google for them to annul the review.

Here's how to remove bad google reviews

  1. Sign in to your Business Profile

  2. Tap Reviews

  3. Find the review you'd like to report

  4. Tap More and Report review

Learning how to take advantage of your Google Business Profile can make a difference in how you approach your target audience and keep regular customers satisfied!

Removing bad Google reviews is not the only way to deal with them

1. Businesses are allowed to make mistakes (and learn from them) so if your business happened to offer services below its standards, acknowledge your mistake and write a thoughtful reply to the customer, promising to improve exactly what they complained about, so you show you're listening and willing to make changes.

2. We all know it's not easy to reply to an upset client. They might be critiquing a business that might have taken years to build but don't take it personally. Always respond politely, addressing the issue and explaining how it won't happen again.

3. Value ALL reviews – Tripadvisor stated that 89% of users value a thoughtful response from an enterprise they’re looking forward to making any contact with. With something as simple as replying to an unfavourable comment, the impression of a future client could become 90% more positive.

Remember, your goal is to boost your online traffic and make your business accessible to potential clients, whilst building a trustworthy relationship with recurrent customers.

Getting customer reviews is easier said than done, but the reality is that the more positive reviews you have, the higher the chances that customers prefer your business to the competitors, and Google selects your website or listing as trustworthy and high-quality

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