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How to ask for Google reviews for contractors

How to ask for a Google review. Via [Freepik]

Google Reviews are essential for showcasing businesses and building a reputation online. Almost 60% of customers check Google Reviews for reassurance and social proof of how whether the business is good or bad. 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else, and approximately 85% of those users willingly leave a review of the website/location visited.

They consist of an unpaid (sometimes paid) and voluntary online commentary that clients write about their experience with a business. Additionally, these are directly linked with Google Maps or Google Business Listings, which facilitates the process of giving feedback, responding to messages and improving the chance of people finding your business.

Nowadays, Reviews are necessary for businesses to connect with potential customers and engage with a community that spends most of its time online.

Why should contractors ask for Google Reviews?

Google Reviews work as simple as they sound. Customers publicly post a review on Google about their experience with a business, service or product. They can make or break an enterprise.


Well, because they are the internet's Word of Mouth. About 63% of people are more likely to research and check other clients' opinions before approaching and purchasing from a business, especially if it's their first contact with the enterprise.

Now that we've touched on why companies should ask for Google Reviews let's cover another important topic.

How to ask for google reviews?

Make it easy for your customers to write a simple yet positive review. So, offering an easy way to find where to leave the review, like a link or a QR code is ideal.

Understanding that the average customer reads at least four to six reviews before settling or deciding, therefore building trust is a crucial factor, here are three ways contractors can ask for reviews from their clients:

  • Linking your Google Business Profile to Google Maps: Google Business Profile matches your social profiles, website, and other directories, allowing customers to locate your enterprise with Google Maps. Since Maps already has a feature that connects with any mobile phone geolocation asset, Google Profile owners can set automated reminders requesting visitors to evaluate the website’s or location’s assistance, service and much more after a visit.

  • Text Messaging Service: The best way to automatically ask customers for a Google Review is to utilize a business texting service to set up automation and scheduled text messages. Business texting platforms like MessageDesk can even help you send automated texts that ask for a Google Review after a certain amount of time at scheduled hours.

  • Via Email: Emails are still an effective and reliable channel to connect with busy and rushed customers. According to MessageDesk, at least 58% of clients check their mailboxes before engaging in any other online activity; for this reason, sending short and substantial messages that remind customers to leave a quick review could make a difference in your business’ rating. Pre-made templates are a great feature to include in your emails. Remember to include: Thank you for a line, a review reminder and a ‘we’ approach.

By making your enterprise accessible to potential clients, you can build a trustworthy relationship with recurrent customers. In addition, Google Reviews will give an insight into how your company is perceived by others and will potentially attract your target audience to visit your location or website

Remember, your goal is to boost your online traffic and make your contractor business accessible to potential clients, whilst building a trustworthy relationship with recurrent customers.

Getting customer reviews is easier said than done, but the reality is that the more positive reviews you have, the higher the chances that customers prefer your business to the competitors, and Google selects your website or listing as trustworthy and high-quality

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