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Google Business Profile Heatmap Report Guide: The Best GMB Reporting Tools with Geogrids & Heatmaps

Best GMB Ranking Heatmap Reporting Tools

The Best GMB Heatmap & Geogrid Reporting Tools Guide

This is a complete guide on the best Google Business Profile rank tracking tools, including the best reporting tools with Geogrids and heatmaps. If you are trying to track your Google Business Profile's ranking or are running an agency and need a tool that tracks Google Business Profile rankings, then read this guide to find the ones that are best for you. Geogrids for GMB are highly regarded as the best way to track GMB ranking improvements, which is why geogrid reporting tools for Google Business Profiles have become so popular recently.

Update: since writing this guide on the best heatmap ranking tools, Merchynt's published their own free heatmap ranking tool. You can get FIVE free heatmap audits every month 100% for free. Click the button below to get your free heatmap audits now!

heatmaps for GMB ranking

What is a Geogrid Report for Google Business Profiles?

A geogrid report for Google Business Profiles is a type of report that tracks what ranking a business has on Google Maps in image form. A GMB geogrid report will show how high a business profile is ranking on Google Maps when users in that area search for a business's keyword. These reports are much more helpful at measuring how successful a local SEO service is than by simply relying on Google Analytics since search volumes go up and down. By measuring your success based on how high you're ranking compared to your competitors, you can get a much more reliable gauge of how well your SEO is working.

What is a Heatmap Report for Google Business Profiles?

A heat report for Google Business Profiles is just another name for geogrid reports. They're often referred to as GMB heatmaps since they can resemble a heatmap due to the different colors being used to indicate how well you're ranking. Typically, heatmap reports for GMB range from different shades of red to green. The darker the red, the worse you are ranking in that area, and the deeper the green, the better you are ranking. You can call GMB reports either heatmaps or geogrids as long as they show on a map how well you're ranking in different parts of your city.

How far should I set my geogrid reports?

Many geogrid rank tracking tools let users pick how far apart they want their geogrids to be. They range from .1 miles to 5 miles in the most popular geogrid tools. The answer is that Google will not likely rank you more than a 20-minute commute (walk or drive). That means you should set your geogrid reports only to go as far as around 20-25 minutes away. If you're a pizza shop in NYC, you will likely only set it to be every .1 miles since it's unlikely you'll rank at the top for more than a few blocks due to how many other pizza shops there are, for example.

geogrid heatmaps for Google Maps

The Best Geogrid Reporting Tools for Google Business Profiles

Now that we've covered the basics of Google Business Profile heat mapping tools let's talk about the best ones available. In no particular order, here are the best geogrid reporting tools for Google Business Profiles that you should check out for your business.

BUT FIRST! If you're looking for a Google Business Profile Management service that handles geogrid reporting and includes citation management software, Google reviews software, review responding service, and more, then check out our Google Business Pro service. If you're an agency, click here to learn more about our white label Google Business Profile Management services.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #1: Merchynt

Merchynt Logo

Merchynt offers a free local SEO rank audit heatmap reporting tool. It offers all users 5 free keyword audits every month, with the option to buy more credits that never expire. This allows you to check your rankings whenever you want for free without having to subscribe to anything. Merchynt is the leader in Google Business Profile optimization, and their free heatmap ranking report tool is just one of their free GBP software solutions. Get access to it here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #2: LocalViking

google maps ranking reports

If you're looking for a heatmap reporting tool for Google Maps that can easily run geogrid reports, plus more, check out LocalViking. LocalViking has been the leader in this space for years and provides additional services, such as the ability to post Q&As, updates, and review responses from their dashboard. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #3: BriteLocal

google maps heatmap reports

BriteLocal has been offering citation management software for years and is a fan favorite for businesses that only want to publish their citations once. They more recently started offering geogrid map reporting tools. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #4: Local Grids

heatmap reports for GMB ranking

Local Grids is a newcomer on the block. Their geo-grid reporting tool seems fairly basic but can definitely get the job done. They don't have their pricing on their website, but it seems to be marketed as a budget-friendly geogrid reporting tool. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #5: Track Right

free heatmap reports for gmb

Track Right seems to be a newer provider with a basic platform for generating geogrid reports for GMB. Their pricing starts at $25 per month which is the same price point as some of the more well-known GMB heatmap tools. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #6: Reviewgrower

best reporting tool with heatmap google maps

Reviewgrower, as indicated by its name, focuses on getting more reviews for businesses but also provides geogrid tools. If you also need review collection tools Reviewgrower could be a good solution for you, but if not, you can find simpler GMB heatmap reporting options for less. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #7: LocalFalcon

gmb reporting tools heatmap

LocalFalcon has been actively developing its heatmap reports for GMB for at least a year now and has picked up some steam. We've heard their name more than in the past come up in our partnership calls, so they might be worth looking into if you're in the market for a GMB geogrid reporting tool. Learn more here.

Heatmap Reporting Tool #8: GMB Crush

GMB Crush is more like a tutorial on how to rank #1 on Google Maps, which includes geogrid reporting tools. If you're in need of more than just GMB heat map reports, then you might want to learn how to rank #1 from GMB Crush. Learn more here. If you're looking for a free GMB SEO tool, you can also check out ProfilePro.

Summary of the best Google Business Profile Reports

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to geo grid reporting tools for Google Maps / heatmap reporting tools for Google Maps. If you want a pure reporting tool, you have options, and if you want some that serve as guides or complete platforms for GMB management, you have options.

While these are great platforms, do you really want to be managing your Google Business Profile yourself? Why not outsource it to the best Google Business Profile management service based out of the USA? Of course, I'm talking about Merchynt! Merchynt's Google Business Profile management service includes the best geogrid heatmap reports for all clients and is cheaper than buying all the software and doing the work yourself!

Learn more about Merchynt.


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