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3 benefits of creating a Google Business Profile for Hotels

The perfect vacation doesn’t only start with the destination, it also begins with looking for the perfect hotel. Although planning a holiday is never easy, maybe the most arduous part of it all is booking a place to stay.

We get it, staying with your relatives is not always the best option. Between the horrors of crashing on the living room’s couch or a crowded kitchen, some might rather stay at home. For many future travelers, the process of finding a hotel is by far the hardest part, that’s why so many entrepreneurs decided to solve this issue by building platforms like Airbnb and These platforms are a great solution for most people, but some hotel owners or marketing staff find it hard to turn a profit while partnering with them.

So let’s start where it all begins; Google.

The search engine is used by more than 4.3 billion people worldwide to find answers to their inquiries, but how can all that online traffic be redirected toward one business?

An answer is a tool developed by Google thought specifically for businesses. We’re talking about Google Business Profile, a free virtual way to showcase businesses. About 97% of people use ‘Google’ to learn more about companies and their purpose, but with so many organizations under the same digital roof, it becomes harder to find a strategy to boost companies. Still, Google Business Profile is a tool that could rapidly help businesses like hotels to compete with large companies like Airbnb and Since it is a personalized tool, owners can customize data like:

  • Pictures of the venue (Your best hotel pictures).

  • Schedule updates

  • Share contact information

  • Add business hours

  • Include your business's website

To learn more about how making a Google Business Profile could benefit your hotel, here is a list of reasons why you should try creating an account:

Forget intermediaries, get people to access your website directly has gained momentum for helping people book a place to stay, nonetheless figuring out how these sites work is quite dreadful since the price round-up most times does not include taxes or service fees. However, Google Business Profile helps hotel owners manage their business information and interact with potential customers. Use this implementation guide to set up your presence on Google and engage with your customers.

Future guests will be able to check availability directly on your website. So, ensure your hotel info (contact number, address, hours of operation) displayed on your Google Business Profile matches your social profiles, website, and other directories.

Ready to create Google Business Profile? Here’s a complete guide.

List your attributes

Let's talk about hotel amenities. Even if your business is displayed on Google Maps' first results, there will still be ten other hotels within the same price range and location. So what sets your hotel apart from everyone else? Amenities. People will carefully review the hotel breakfast quality, pool photos, kid’s playroom, etc, so add everything extra your hotel could offer.

Whether it’s giving access to free WiFi or lounge areas, your future guests will appreciate the plus value that is included within their price range. No more having incorrect information or wrong digital listings. Instead, customize your profile to benefit your online traffic!

Permanent communication with customers

Most business owners know connecting with potential customers is key to developing an online audience. Replying to messages can be a way for a guest to choose between two options, and the Q&As feature in Google Business Profile might be the perfect tool for this.

When answering a question, don’t respond with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers; future customers may be looking for a personalized response about your service. Leave a detailed response because, believe it or not, the way you reply to a simple inquiry is a marketing strategy!

Start working on your Frequently Asked Questions strategy, as this could also make or break the deal with your future guests. Your hotel could become the next dream destination for many, so what are you waiting for to become the world’s best host?

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. We can help you keep a positive online presence! We deliver tangible results within 6 months.

Merchynt helps hotels get more customers, optimize their listings, get 230% more website visitors and get more ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews.

Request a free local marketing consultation call to help your hotel rank on Google’s first page.


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