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White Label SEO & How To Sell It Like It's Yours

This article is your ultimate guide to understanding how white label SEO works, what white label SEO costs, and how you can sell white label SEO services as your own. White labeling local SEO services using your brand has never been this easy!

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White Label SEO And How To Sell It

You're about to learn everything you need to know about white label SEO based on our learnings while providing white label SEO services and white label SEO tools to thousands of small businesses worldwide in partnership with our 100+ resellers. Our white label SEO reseller program is full of independent business consultants, marketing agencies big and small, credit card processors, b2b SaaS business management software providers, and more! You won't find a more comprehensive guide on how to sell white label SEO tools anywhere!

If you want to sell white label SEO services, keep reading.

White Label SEO Explained

Before we explain how you can sell white label SEO, you need to understand it. First, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is fancy terminology for "getting a business or website to show up higher in search results so the business can get more customers, or the website can get more clicks." Since 90% of people search for businesses near them online, it's never been more critical for a company to manage its local presence and have a professional online image. So, it's safe to say that SEO has never been as important. SEO can come in many different forms, which we'll discuss below.

White label SEO is SEO. The only difference between white label SEO and regular SEO is that in regular SEO, the company that sold the SEO service to the business is the one doing the work. In contrast, with white label SEO, when a business sells the white label SEO services to another business, the seller passes the workload over to a white label SEO firm to perform the SEO work. The company that sold the service collects payment from their client and gets all the credit for the work; however, in reality, the white label SEO firm behind the scenes performs the job to ensure the business shows up higher in search results.

For many reasons, selling white label marketing software, white-label marketing tools, white label SEO, and white label social media management is relatively common in the digital marketing world. Please keep reading to understand the ins and outs of white label marketing and why many people prefer selling white label SEO instead of performing it themselves.


Why would you sell white label SEO services?

There are many reasons why you would want to sell white label SEO and white label marketing services to your clients. We've put together a list of some of the reasons you'd sell white label SEO below:

  1. When you are working with a white label SEO firm to handle the actual SEO work you sold to a client, you can spend more time on marketing and growing your agency since you won't be responsible for doing the real time-consuming SEO work. Instead, your role with the client becomes more of a relationship manager, where you ensure they're happy and find more white label SEO tools to sell them so they (and you) can grow their business.

  2. Frequently white label SEO agencies can perform the SEO work for much less money than smaller agencies can, and they pass along those savings to their resellers. It's expensive to employ large amounts of employees to run a well-oiled marketing agency to perform the technical work required. By working with a white label SEO firm, you don't need to worry about any of that.

  3. The profit margins of selling white label SEO services and white label SEO products can be a staggering 50-80%! You can likely earn a few more percentage points if you do the work yourself, but then you can't spend as much time getting more clients, which will ultimately erode the value gained by offering the services yourself.

  4. By selling white label SEO services, you can save on hiring & training costs. It's not easy to offer a local SEO service yourself when you need to learn about what works and what doesn't and all the changes in local SEO algorithms regularly. It's easier to rely on a white label SEO firm specializing in each marketing service you want to sell. If you think you are the world's best SEO expert and that only you can do the work needed by your clients, then white label SEO firms are not for you!

  5. Selling white label SEO services to clients is an easy way to test the waters of offering a new service to your clients. It lets you sell to a few beta customers, and if things go well, you can expand the service or bring it in-house if you prefer. For example, let's say you have relationships with 100 businesses. If you want to earn more from them, you can start offering them white label SEO tools. If that went well, and some clients asked if you can help them with social media management, all you need to do is ask your white label marketing firm to add that service, and they can perform it for you. Simply charge your client for the service and sit back while your white label marketing firm does the work!

  6. If you find an excellent white label SEO firm, they will provide you with all the information and marketing assets you need to promote and sell their white label marketing services properly. If you try to launch a marketing firm yourself, you'll need to test new growth strategies and sales tactics yourself. Why do that when you can learn from experienced people rooting for your success?!

  7. Selling white label SEO services lets you keep your brand front and center with clients instead of simply referring them to another agency. When you refer your clients to another agency or company for specific marketing services, there's always a chance that the agency takes over the client entirely. You don't want that to happen!

The Different Types of White Label SEO

There are many different types of white-label SEO you can sell to your clients as your own. Some examples of white label SEO tools are:

White label reputation management

White label reputation management helps businesses manage their online reputation and get more 5-star reviews from their customers. This type of service is essential for companies since 90% of consumers will search for businesses online, and 87% will pick a business based on their reviews alone. White label reputation management software will typically get branded as the reseller's brand, allowing them to start selling reputation management software with recurring revenue without developing a client portal.

White label listings management

White label listings management software can be rebranded as a 3rd party (like your brand) and sold to that company's clients without their clients knowing the creator of the software. White label listings management software allows businesses to control their business information, such as their website URL, logos, business hours & phone number, across Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many other platforms. For a business to update this information online on the various platforms manually, they need to set aside hours. With white label listings management software, it is all done online, all from one place, which helps them show up higher in local search results in just a click of a button.

White label local SEO

White label local SEO helps local businesses show up higher in local search results across platforms like Google & Yelp. This type of service applies to all companies since almost all industries rely on getting found online. White label local SEO is similar to white label listings management; however, it is usually more labor-intensive and includes blog writing, citation building, map embedding, Google Business Profile post updates, and more.

White label Google Business Profile SEO Optimization

White label Google Business Profile SEO Optimization is a service that helps a business optimize their Google Business Profiles (aka Google My Business profiles). If Google doesn't know what types of products & services a company sells, they won't know to show their Google Business Profiles when users search for those keywords. Use a white label Google Business Profile SEO Optimization service to get your clients' businesses showing up near the top of local search results. This service is the foundation of all other SEO services since if a business's online presence isn't optimized for SEO, it isn't rank high in search results and won't convert viewers into buyers.

White label social media management

White label social media management services let businesses stop worrying about managing their social media profiles. White label social media management services automatically create custom posts and publish them on a client's social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, etc.). This is a valuable service to a business owner because managing one's social media is very time-consuming, and the business owner often has more important things to do with their time.

All white label SEO tools and white label SEO services typically have different cost structures for resellers but are usually charged on a per-location basis. When looking for a white label marketing service to offer your clients, you should lookout for a few crucial things.

How To Pick a White Label SEO Firm

1. They don't force annual contracts.

Suppose a white label SEO firm forces businesses into annual contracts. In that case, it will be harder for you to sell that marketing service since business owners vastly prefer to sign up for marketing services month to month.

2. They don't delete profiles after you stop paying.

Some white label SEO firms will delete business profiles once they stop paying for the service. Many savvy business owners know to ask this question before signing up. If you want to win over these clients, you'll need to work with a white label marketing firm that does not do this.

3. You'll want to work with a white label SEO firm that can scale as you do.

If you sign up 100 new clients in a month, you'll want to be sure that they can handle the added workload for their white label marketing services. You don't want a situation where you sign up new clients, and then their work doesn't get done!

4. Not all white label SEO tools are created equal.

Be sure to ask for partner references or check their Trustpilot reviews to make sure they have happy customer & partner stories. If their customers aren't happy, then yours will likely be unhappy too.

Who Can Sell White Label SEO Tools

Selling white label SEO tools is so easy that any person, agency, business, or association with many business relationships should consider adding it to their service offerings. Many of our white label SEO tool resellers are software companies that have hundreds or thousands of existing customers using their software. They offer our white label SEO tools to their customers as premium add-ons to earn more from their customers without having to develop anything and in a way that helps their customers grow. Some partners even offer our white label marketing services to their clients or members for free as a way to add more value to their core service offerings.

But you don't need to be a software company to offer white label local marketing tools to your customers. Dozens of marketing agencies white label our SEO products & services as their own, as do many independent business consultants and merchant service providers.

How To Sell White Label SEO

Selling white label SEO services is pretty easy! Luckily, many companies offer white label marketing services to mid-size and large marketing agencies, but fewer provide white label SEO to small agencies or independent marketers. Even though many companies provide local SEO services to businesses, the market size is so large that there's plenty of room for more agencies.

Merchynt, through our partner program has various white label SEO services and white label marketing tools you can white label as your own, no matter how big or small your agency is. To learn more, head over to the white label SEO partner page and get in touch.

Merchynt offers white label SEO marketing services, white label SEO tools, white label social media management, white label reputation management software, and white label Google Business Profile optimization services. Merchynt is rated Excellent on Trustpilot by its partners and customers.


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