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How To Rank #1 From 50 Miles Away

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

How To Rank #1 From 50 Miles Away

You can't organically rank your business on Google Maps from 50 miles away unless you offer something extremely unique and are also in the middle of nowhere. We're looking at you, Custom Beach Towel stores in South Dakota.

"But how can I rank from further away on Google Maps?" is what everyone wants to know. The answer is simple. Do your best to rank your Google Business Profile higher by doing what we preach weekly and what ProfilePro helps with, then supplement your efforts with highly targeted ads in those tougher-to-reach areas where your profile simply cannot reach organically.

This method allows you to generate cheap leads from local customers (within a 30-minute drive from you) and also get customers from further away via ads.

Just note that Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) and Google Ads can be extremely expensive, so only do this if you know what you're doing and your average customer is worth at least $500 since your customer acquisition cost could easily cost $500 with Google Ads. That's why we love organic Google Maps ranking so much and only focus on that for SMBs.

If you aren't sure where to start, use our free heatmap rank audit tool to see how well you're currently ranking around your city. The report will show you where you might want to try using targeted ads.

Want help automating your GBP management for very little money? If you like & comment on our Sneak Peek Video on YouTube for our new automated GBP platform, we'll guarantee you our greatly reduced beta pricing if you decide to use our new one when it's available in a few weeks.

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Make sure your business description uses at least 5 of your target keywords.


Free Google Maps Ranking Audit Tool

Wondering how well your Google Business Profile ranks on Google Maps for different keywords? We built a free local ranking audit tool you can use to quickly find out!


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How To Rank First on Google Maps Guide

Google Updates You Should Know About

Google updates their algos regularly, and we check and then digest them for you. Here are the latest ones local marketers should know about:

You can find details on all algo updates here.


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