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How Law Firms Can Get More Clients Without Advertising

Getting clients for your law firm is easy, right?

If you disagree then you're in the right place because I'm about to share proven-to-work techniques to get more clients for your law firm without wasting money on ads or spending years writing blog content to get your website to rank organically. You want results this quarter, not this decade, and you're about to find out how to get them!

Let's get started. You spent years preparing to be an attorney, you went to law school, you pulled all-nighters, your eyes are still sore from all the reading you did, you (somehow) passed the bar, and now you've started your own law practice. First off.. CONGRATS! After all that work, you'd think clients should just come to you, but it doesn't work that way! Big law firms can afford to spend on advertising and have already spent years and years building up their organic website presence so they can get found whenever someone searches for their fields of expertise on Google.

Can you spend more money on ads or on website content? Probably not unless you've won a big case and have already paid off your student loans.

That's why you need to play the game smarter than the big firms. You need to recognize that 90% of people look for local law firms on popular websites and apps like Google Search, Siri, Apple Maps, Yelp, Waze, Bing, Facebook, and 30+ other places. Rather than trying to get people in your city to find your website, you should be focusing on making Google, Yelp, and the other major search platforms love you so they show your firm's business profile on the top of their platforms when people search for the services you offer.

The secret to success is getting your business profiles to rank, not your website. It's much faster and cheaper.

"How do you get your law firm's profile on the top of Google, Yelp, & Facebook searches?" - You right now. Well, you're about to find out.

Most law firm owners/partners/marketing managers don’t know what Google looks for when deciding how to rank law firms in search results. Based on our work with over a hundred thousand businesses we’ve found that Google takes 5 things into consideration.

1. The first is how much information is available on a law firm online. So, Google will actually look for your profile on other sites like Yelp, Bing & Facebook to see if you’re listed there too since that shows you’re legit. The more platforms you have your business profiles created on the better. Is your law firm registered on at least 15 platforms?

2. The second thing Google, Yelp, and the others use to determine your rank is how complete your profile is on their platforms. Do you think you spent the time to fill out every single question when setting up your firm's profiles? Do you think you answered each question in SEO-optimized ways? The vast majority of businesses we survey only filled out about 36% of theirs, which not only hurts their ability to show up near the top of search results, but also their ability to convert visitors to callers, and eventually to clients.

3. The third thing Google and others look at when ranking law firms is how consistent your law firm's information is across the various platforms. So, if your business hours, or company description, or service offerings are different on Google than they are on Yelp for example then your law firm won’t show up as high in the search results because they aren’t sure which information is correct and they don’t want to show their users info they don’t know is right. Google is a data-vetting company.

4. The fourth thing they check for is how recently you updated your law firm's information online. So for the platforms you created profiles on, do you log in every week or so and make changes or update info? The reason this is important is that these platforms don't know if you’re still operating or in business unless you’re interacting with them regularly. So they’ll reward your firm's profile search ranking when you make changes or log in often.

5. The 5th and final thing they look at when ranking law firms in search results is how many positive reviews your firm has and how many you've responded to. Do you have a lot of client reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook yet? Do you ask your clients to leave you reviews after you help them? 87% of people pick a local law firm based on their online reviews, so you need to get as many positive reviews online as possible to ensure people in your area pick your law firm out of the list. It will really help your law firm stand out from your competition.

If you're looking for a restaurant online and one has a 3.5-star rating with 5 reviews and a second restaurant has a 4.5-star rating with 65 reviews there is no question about it - you're going to the second one. The same principle applies to people looking for law firms.

So, now you know what you have to do. You need to go create your business profile on 15+ platforms and make sure they're all filled out completely with SEO-friendly descriptions, and identically, then you need to log in once a week and update information. If you bill at $350 per hour it'll take you about $1,850 in billing hours to set everything up yourself, then an additional $725 per month to maintain it all. That's a lot of money, but could be worth it if it helps you get new clients.

But luckily for you we built a tool that law firms can use to quickly create, optimize, and update their business profiles ongoing on over 40 platforms including Google and Yelp so they can show up in more online searches and win more clients fast - for a fraction of the cost.

We do this by collecting a lot of information about your law firm such as your hours of operation and services you provide, and then we’ll take that information and create extremely optimized profiles for your business on over 40 other platforms. If you already have a profile created on a platform like Google then we’ll actually just update it with this new optimized information.

Just create a profile in our tool once then sit back while we clean up and optimize your law firm's information everywhere important online.

Then, we’ll send small updates to each platform about once a week on your behalf so each platform knows you’re an active law firm which will also help you show up more in searches. We also have a tool that will let you email your clients after you help them which will ask them to leave you a review. If they leave you a positive review we can send it over to Google or Yelp to get published for the world to see. Or, if it’s negative we can have it get sent to your email instead so it stays private. We’ll also give you a widget that you can put on your website that will show all of your 5-star reviews from various platforms (Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.) so when people go to your website they can see how much people love you. Check out the example below:

These tools are important because 90% of people search for local businesses like law firms online and 87% of them pick who to work with based on their reviews. Positive reviews are like today’s version of gold.

We do all of this for just $60/month if you want to sign up monthly, or if you want to save a little bit of money you can sign up annually for $50 per month, which is $600 per year. We also give all of our customers a 30-day risk-free trial so if you’re not happy with the service you can easily get a full refund if you request it within 30 days of signing up.

If you’re interested, the setup process is really easy. If you sign up today you'll get to work with an optimization expert here who will walk you through the set-up process and collect information about your business, like your hours of operation, services you provide, and so on. It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. Our tool is easy enough for you to do it on your own, but we really like to walk our customers through it via screen share to make sure they get the most out of the service. Our optimization expert will help you create SEO-friendly keywords and descriptions for your profiles so no worries if you’re not an SEO expert yourself. After the call, you’ll be up and running and should start getting more calls pretty soon, although some results can take up to 3 months depending on how competitive your market is. We surveyed 1,000 of our customers and found that they got:

Do you think this would be helpful for your law firm? To set up a time to learn more and/or get started with your risk-free trial, just pick a time below:

Have questions? Email and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.


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