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Google Reviews Software: The Best 3 Google Reviews Software For All Business Types

3 Best Google Reviews Software

Are you looking for the best Google reviews software? You're in luck since we've searched the internet for the best three to help any type of business better manage their Google reviews. Whether you're a mom-and-pop owner, a franchise owner, a digital marketing agency, or a marketer at a large brand, the top 3 Google reviews software platforms will help you.

The Best Google Reviews Software for Agencies, Franchises, Large Brands, and Chains

The best Google reviews software for agencies, franchises, large brands, and chains is hands down RoboReply.

Best AI Google Reviews Software

RoboReply solves a few pain points marketers have when managing Google reviews for multiple Google Business Profiles. RoboReply allows users to connect multiple Google accounts and all of the Google Business Profiles in those Google accounts to let you see all of your Google reviews in one easy-to-use dashboard. Once you have all your reviews from all your Google Business Profiles in one place, you can apply custom filters to only see the reviews that you want to respond to at that moment, such as only the ones with text, in the last 90 days, that are certain star ratings, and more! Adding to that amazing feature is its ability to generate responses automatically to each review using AI. That makes RoboReply the best AI Google reviews software as well. RoboReply claims to let you respond to 100 reviews across 100 Google Business Profiles in 3 seconds flat which takes a day-long task down to just seconds. If you manage many Google Business Profiles and need a way to manage all of their reviews in a more time-friendly manner, check out the RoboReply Google reviews management software. RoboReply starts at $19/month/profile connected and offers multiple plans for larger companies.

The Best Google Reviews Software for Small Businesses

The best Google reviews software for small businesses is called ProfilePro.

Best Google Reviews Software for Small Business

ProfilePro is a free Chrome extension that uses AI to help SMBs optimize their Google Business Profile SEO, as well as respond to Google reviews with the click of a button. Not only does ProfilePro use AI to respond to reviews, but it can also write SEO-optimized Google Business Posts with AI, generate business images using AI, write service and product descriptions with AI, and much more. ProfilePro is the best Google reviews software for any SMB that is simply looking for a way to optimize their Google Business Profile with the click of a button - no SEO knowledge needed. ProfilePro's free version allows users to reply to up to 5 Google reviews each month.

The Best Google Reviews Software for Any Business

Best Google Reviews Software for Local Business

The overall best Google reviews software is from Merchynt, which is who built ProfilePro & RoboReply. Aside from those two apps, Merchynt also offers its Merchynt Grow software which not only helps with managing Google reviews but also includes local SEO features, like listings management software that helps you rank #1 on Google. Merchynt's review management software helps aggregate all your online reviews in one place (not just Google) and helps you see what people like and dislike about your business in an easy-to-understand way. It also helps you get more Google reviews. Merchynt has been the leader in Google reviews software & Google Business Profile management services for years and is based in Santa Monica, California. If you're looking for Google reviews software, changes are Merchynt has the right one for you.

Summary of The Best Google Reviews Software

Best AI Google reviews software

There are many types of Google review softwares, and the best one will depend on your type of business, what your main pain point is, and whether you need it to be white label Google reviews software. We hope you find this list helpful and that you find the best Google reviews software for your business.


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