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Google Just Made GBP Management Easier Than Ever

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Google Just Made GBP Management Easier Than Ever

Google just changed how you can manage your business profile, and I think you're going to like it! But first, here's a Google Maps riddle: Why did the skeleton go to Google Maps? Keep reading to find the answer!

No, the "Google My Business" management dashboard or app is not back, but Google just gave us something arguably better. You can now manage your Google Business Profile directly from the Google Maps mobile app. Just click the Business tab on the bottom right of your phone and wallah! You can edit (almost) everything you need there, like business hours, updates, logos, and more! Sadly, for us agencies, Google did not include the ability to grant others management access. Can't win 'em all!

This feature is pretty cool and just another indication that Google knows how important its Google Business Profile platform is to SMBs, and so is investing in it accordingly. Google Business Profiles are truly replacing websites when it comes to how SMBs get found.

Now, you might wonder.. why did Google use precious developer time to develop this? The answer is most likely hidden right in the middle of their email introducing this new feature (yeah, the one you likely got and ignored) - to make it easier for local business owners to start paying for ads. It was quite literally in the middle of their email. That said, we're fans of organically getting to the top of Google since once you stop paying for ads, you never get another customer. In contrast, if you can organically rank your GBP at the top of Google Maps, you have a license to print money for a while.

We don't typically plug our Google Business Profile optimization service in our newsletter, but this seems like a better time than ever to try it, so if you want to rank higher on Google Maps, check out the service we've been offering for years:

Oh yeah, and if you like the idea of an AI-powered, fully automated GBP optimization tool that is less expensive than any other way to outsource GBP optimization services while still being significantly better, sign up for the waitlist of our new product here since we'll be letting people use it on a first come first serve basis, starting in the next two weeks. Beta users will get about 66% off standard pricing.

Answer to the riddle: "To find the closest joint!"

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Google updates your services list regularly in ways you probably won't like. Go make sure it's still accurate and that all services have business descriptions set. Don't worry, ProfilePro can make this easier.


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