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Best White Label SEO for Resellers and Marketing Agencies

In this article you will learn:

  • What’s white label SEO?

  • What are the benefits of selling White Label SEO?

  • Different types of White Label SEO

  • Tips for picking the right white label SEO firm for your business

  • How to sell white label SEO services

  • How Much Does White Label SEO Cost?

What’s White Label SEO?

In case you haven’t heard of SEO by now, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, all the tactics and strategies you can use to optimize search engines like Google and increase the chances of getting found by potential customers.

This is a very attractive option for many early startups as the cost of getting clients is potentially Zero. In fact, the average small business using Google Ads [paying Google to rank high] spends between $5,000 and $12,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That's $60,000 to $150,000 per year. This is a lot for a limited budget, not even considering key metrics like CAC or ROI.

So why do companies keep paying Google for advertising if they can get clients for free using SEO?

Because SEO takes time, skill, planning and dedication, Google needs to make sure it ranks only the highest quality content available for a certain query, and here’s where White Label SEO comes to play.

Many marketing agencies, for instance, offer SEO services but don’t actually have the time to plan and execute successful SEO campaigns for all their clients. Instead, many marketing agencies sell white label SEO, so offering the same SEO services to their clients but the hard work is done by a white label marketing company, like Merchynt.

What are the benefits of selling White Label SEO?

White label SEO services are commonly used by growing marketing agencies or businesses that don’t want to hire in-house marketing members.

Here are some common reasons why marketing agencies hire white label SEO services:

  • It saves time: SEO is hard work and as a business owner in the marketing industry, you might well be an SEO expert, but time-consuming marketing tasks won’t help you grow your business or bring any clients. Instead, white label SEO help business owner focus on scaling their business by delegating the hard work.

  • It saves money: White label SEO firms help save money much more efficiently than smaller dedicated companies as there are no training costs, and the process is often more automated using the right tools and talent.

  • It makes money: White label SEO is quite profitable for marketing agencies as SEO services come with high margins [we’re talking about 50%+ profit margins] and give business owners time to get more clients.

Learn more reasons why you should start working with white label SEO firms.

Tips for picking the right white label SEO firm for your business.

When looking for a white label SEO firm, the first thing to look for is expertise and contract conditions. They should be experts on local SEO and other marketing services like SEO, social media management, content marketing, and even paid media.

1. Look for white label SEO firms that can grow as fast as your business:

Whether it’s a white label business or a regular digital marketing one, marketing is a busy industry, so that means people in charge of running campaigns need to be hands-on and experienced enough to deliver results and scale their client’s range. So if you have 30+ clients a month, make sure you hire a white label firm that can keep up with your workflow and don’t disappoint due to the lack of experience handling many clients simultaneously.

How can you confirm this? Check for cases of study, number of reviews, or you can simply ask the team during the sales call.

2. Check they are trustworthy

If the white label SEO firm has several bad reviews and unhappy clients, you likely become one of them. Check for online reviews on Trustpilot, Google and social media and read what other clients say.

3. Look at the conditions of the contract

Many white label SEO agencies force clients to commit to a yearly contract, stating that SEO is a long term commitment and they need a minimum of one year to deliver results.

However, think about your own clients. Business owners often prefer to sign up for marketing services monthly, so a yearly contract could actually make you lose money.

Interested in scaling your business? Learn more about the most popular white label marketing services.

How to sell white label SEO services

Selling white label SEO services could potentially increase your revenue by 50%+ and it doesn’t require a significant upfront investment!

Most white label SEO companies only offer services to mid-size and large marketing agencies, and there are not many options for small businesses or solopreneurs. The good news is that there’s such a massive demand for marketing services that there’s room for everyone.

Once you find the right white label SEO service, you can start offering it to the following business:

  • Local businesses and small businesses.

  • Local service providers.

  • Restaurants.

  • Retailers.

  • Cleaning services.

  • Beauty salons.

These businesses require different local SEO approaches, so save time and money partnering with Merchynt; we have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot and have helped 50+ local companies grow by more than 200% a year.

89% of our customers get a Google rating of at least 4.8/5, and we increase conversion by 160% more.

We’re the best fit for marketing agencies of all sizes as we offer round-the-corner customer service, personalized help and highly competitive business fees.

Here are the most popular white label services Merchynt offers:

  • White label SEO

  • White label social media management

  • White label reputation management

  • White label listings management

  • White label review management

  • White label Google Business optimization services

Start scaling your business and increasing your profit today.

How Much Does White Label SEO Cost?

The cost of hiring a white label SEO firm varies depending on the campaign size and complexity.

For example, a campaign for selling land in the metaverse looks a lot different than if you were to sell pet food and accessories.

A contract typically starts at around $300/month for a small business.

If you pick Merchynt as your white label SEO partner, you can earn a 300%+ margin for the SEO services your company offers.

If you want to start selling white label marketing to boost your agency or software company's revenue, get in touch with Merchynt's white label partnerships team today!


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