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Ways You Can Delete A Google Review

The following are ways you can delete reviews from Google Business Profiles, starting from the cheapest (free) to the most expensive methods.

Delete Review from Google By Flagging It

One of the ways you can delete a Google review is by flagging it as being against Google's terms and conditions. This is a free way to get a review deleted from Google, but it often does not work unless you can flag it from many different Google accounts. If you have access to many different Google accounts or can get help from your friends, you can try to delete a Google review that way. This method of getting reviews deleted from Google can take weeks to work, if ever. To delete reviews from Google this way, just find the review on Google and click the three vertical dots, then select "Report review" and follow the steps to try to delete review from Google.

Delete Review from Google illustration
Someone looking at their reviews online

Delete Review From Google By Asking Your Customer

If you're unable to remove a Google review from your Google Business Profile yourself by flagging it with Google, you can try reaching out to the upset customer and try to make things right with them. It's OK to reach out to them by responding to their Google review and asking them to contact you so you can make things right. When they reach out, and you make things right, ask them if they'd be willing to delete their bad Google review. You'd be surprised how many people will delete a bad Google review if they are asked nicely by the business owner.

"Delete Review From Google" By Getting More 5-Star Reviews

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a bad Google review is to flood it out with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of 5-star Google reviews. This is very easy to do with Google Review Software like ours. With our advanced link to Google review page, we can help you only get 5-star reviews by sending all of the bad reviews to your email before they have a chance to get published on Google. Our Google reviews software will help you get reviews on Google via SMS, email, and QR codes. This service is only $99 per month.

Google Reviews Software Ask Customers For Reviews With QR Codes
A machine selecting a box that represents a Google review that is bad

Delete Bad Reviews on Google Automatically

If your business gets many bad reviews, whether because your business went through a rough patch or you have competitors or x-employees harassing you, you can use our automated Google review deletion software. This software can delete a review from Google by working with Google to explain exactly why the review is against the Google terms and conditions. This service requires an annual commitment and costs $249 per month.

What our Google reviews clients say

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We know the importance of easily getting more reviews on Google and deleting bad Google reviews, so we built the best Google reviews management software for small businesses.

Want a Google Business Profile Management Service?

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Google Business Pro

If you're looking for more than Google Reviews Software and want a local SEO expert to manage your Google Business Profile and respond to reviews for you, Google Business Pro is for you. Google Business Pro subscribers get all the same amazing benefits our Google Reviews Sofware, plus additional SEO services for Google Business Profiles such as:

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This service changes regularly to keep up with local SEO best practices.

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