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Best White Label SEO Tools For Small Businesses

In 2021, 71% of startups in the USA spent money on organic traffic or SEO. However, you might be shocked to learn that 90% of all online content is actually never found by visitors, so it doesn’t receive any traffic. This is why SEO is a game that only a few can play, which means small businesses must learn to play.

Small business owners are often willing to spend only a few marketing dollars. It might be challenging for marketing agencies to offer outstanding results while scaling their business. If you are a marketing agency with many small business clients, then white label SEO is your answer.

In this article, you will learn:
  • What’s a white label SEO tool?

  • Benefits of using a white label SEO tool for small businesses

  • The most common white label marketing tools for small business

  • Best white label SEO tools for small businesses

What’s a white label SEO tool?

If you work in the marketing business, you might already use between 5 to 10 different tools daily. A white label SEO tool helps businesses achieve SEO goals under your brand.

This means that the while label SEO provider will do all the planning and executing while you present results as your own. You might be surprised at how commonly used is this practice, as great SEO requires experience and time.

The hardest part is to pick the right white label SEO firm for your business and clients as your name is on the line. At Merchynt we have helped our clients to increase their customer actions by 160%. See How we do it.

Benefits of using a white label SEO tool for small businesses

Small businesses need results fast. They need traffic and high conversion with a low budget. Here are a few ways marketing agencies can benefit from white label SEO services for small businesses:

Broad your set of skills and get results faster

Getting traffic doesn’t only depend on content creation or technical SEO. Other techniques are also needed, like local SEO. For example, Merchynt has helped businesses to show first on Google’s search results within weeks.

Get found and GET CHOSEN

It’s great to get a ton of traffic, but what if your client’s business has poor reviews? Conversion will be most likely shallow. Check how to improve reviews by 90% here.

Look more professional and get more clients

When you work with a white label SEO firm, you’ll be working with an advanced software tool that you can brand as your own and show to your clients. This could increase your reputation and is cheaper than hiring a software development agency to build an SEO tool yourself.

Curious about white label SEO? Get our White Label SEO Full Guide!

The most common white label tools for small businesses

The white label marketing industry is growing, and there are many different services marketing agencies can take advantage of. Here are the most common ones for small business clients:

White Label SEO Services

SEO services are one of the most popular white label marketing software and services that you can sell. SEO is a marketing strategy to help a website rank on Google’s first page results “organically”, which means you are not paying Google to show up on their first page. Instead, you archive this through keyword research and content creation.

White label SEO services provide these services to clients under your own brand. This means that you would not be responsible for finding the right keywords, optimizing the website's content, and doing everything else necessary to help the client rank higher on Google since your white label marketing agency would do this work for you.

Ready to start your SEO journey? Read the Best White Label SEO for Resellers and Marketing Agencies.

Google My Business Services

This is a free tool from Google to list businesses in Google's Local Pack, which is the section of Google's SERPs that displays three local business listings. It is this listing that also shows up in Google Maps search results.

Creating and optimizing a Google My Business listing takes time and experience, so many businesses choose to hire white label marketing agencies to do this for them.

Social Media Management Services

Social media is the social proof that something is real. Business owners know how important social media is for promoting their business. After all, over three billion people use social media worldwide, and nearly 70% of small businesses in the US say that social media has helped them increase their brand awareness.

However, creating and maintaining a solid social media presence and making it work is time-consuming. This is why white label social media management is one of the most common services for small businesses.

About Merchynt

All businesses need help with some form of marketing. The good news is that you don't need to become an expert in every single aspect of digital marketing to scale your marketing business. Instead, you can partner with the right white label marketing firm, like Merchynt.

With Merchynt, you can sell marketing services and let them do all the work. You may find cheap white label marketing agencies located in lower-wage countries, but unless you are 100% confident that their staff is skilled, it's not worth trying to save a few dollars since your clients will ultimately not be happy and will leave you.

If you want to start selling white label marketing to boost your agency or software company's revenue, get in touch with Merchynt's white label partnerships team today!

We have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot and have helped 50+ local businesses grow by more than 200% a year.


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