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AI SEO tool that optimizes your Google Business Profile - for free.

An animation of a Google Business Profile AI tool

The AI SEO Software You've Been Waiting For

Auto-generate optimized review responses, business updates, business descriptions & more - with a click of a button!

Optimize Your Description & More for Local SEO

With a click of a button, ProfilePro will suggest the most SEO-optimized business description you've ever seen, written specifically for your business. You need to see it to believe it.

An screenshot of ProfilePro writing a Google Business Profile description
An screenshot of ProfilePro setting the tone of a response

Automate Google Business Posts

Click a button, and get an SEO-optimized Google Business post. It can even match your brand voice to be funny, salesy, professional, and more!

Generate AI Images For Google Posts

Create custom images for your Google Business Posts to make them stand out from your competitors!

An screenshot of ProfilePro creating an image for a Google Business Profile
An screenshot of ProfilePro responding to a Google review with AI

Automate Review Responses

Get 100% personalized review responses with the click of a button!

Get Product & Service Descriptions

Get SEO-optimized service descriptions & product descriptions that will help you get found by more potential customers on Google Maps.

An screenshot of ProfilePro writing a product description
An screenshot of ProfilePro responding to a Google Business Profile question with AI

Answer Questions Posted to Your Google Profile

Get extremely detailed and SEO-optimized responses to any question someone asks on your Google Business Profile.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile in Seconds

Supports: English | French | Spanish | Portuguese | Urdu | Hindi | Tagalog | Dutch | German | & More

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't see the Optimize With ProfilePro button
    If you do not see the Optimize With ProfilePro button under your business name (as seen below) please make sure you are logged into the Google account that owns or manages your Google Business Profile. If you still do not see the button, please navigate to and select See your profile (see below image). Google should then redirect you to the right page. If you still do not see our button, please email us at and tell us the name of your business and where it's located so we can try to help you.
  • I need it in a different language
    1. Click on the Optimize Your Profile button 2. Click Settings 3. Type the language you want our responses to be in in the Response Language area 4. Select the language you want the app to be translated to in the App Language dropdown If your language does not appear in the dropdown please chat with us on our website to let us know so we can add it for you.
  • Do you have a training video?
    You can find the ProfilePro training video here.
  • It's asking me to upgrade already
    ProfilePro has a FREE version that is very capable and credits renew each month. If you'd like to get unlimited responses you can upgrade for $9/month. To learn more about the different plans click here.
  • I got an error when trying to generate a response
    Sometimes our AI gets too busy. If you try clicking the button again it should work.
  • When I click the Optimize Your Profile button it just keeps spinning
    This can be due to your Google connection being broken. If you try to refresh the page and it still does not work, you can uninstall then reinstall ProfilePro, and that should fix it.
  • I am getting an error when trying to create an image
    Usually errors appear when users try creating an image about a topic that is forbidden. Please try asking for an image in a different way to avoid banned keywords. If you are having a hard time please message us on our website and we will assist you.
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