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Your Front Door Is The Key to Ranking on Google Maps

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Your Weekly Briefing

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Your Front Door Is The Key to Ranking on Google Maps

We've noticed a trend on the top-ranking Google Business Profiles and wanted to share it with you this week. Ok, here it is...

If you want to rank your business higher on Google Maps... just upload a photo of your front door. Google loves front doors!

Ok, well, it's not that they love front doors, it's that they want to show their Google Maps users what they should expect to see when they arrive at their destination so they know they're in the right place. Makes sense, right?

So right now, stand up and walk outside your business's front doors, turn around, and use your cellphone to take a photo of the full front side of your building, making sure to capture all signs and logos you have up.

Then, go to on your cellphone, make sure you're logged into the Google account that manages your profile, and select the option to add a photo. It's that simple!

If you don't have a physical place of business, that's OK! We've found that for service businesses, the equivalent is uploading an image of someone performing the work while wearing a company-branded shirt, or a staff photo with everyone wearing a branded shirt awkwardly standing in a row.

Give Google some time to index it, and within 90 days you should start to see some better performance. Ranking Google Business Profiles is easy. Give Google what they want and they'll give you what you want in return.

We've got some more exciting stuff for you this week - the announcement of our new YouTube channel which is dedicated to providing the best marketers in the world (you) weekly videos that break down how you can use AI and other leading technologies to better market your business. You can check out the first few videos and subscribe here to never miss an update. We'd really appreciate your support since we create this content solely to help you become better marketers. We hope you like it!


Google Reviews Software RoboReply

We're rolling out a new feature this week that allows users to set up automated messages, such as "email these two people if my profile gets a 1 or 2 star review."


Google Business Profile Software

ProfilePro tip of the week:

Upload a photo of the front of your building or of someone on your team performing the work wearing a branded shirt.

We are about 1 week away from launching our brand new version of ProfilePro which makes ranking #1 easier! All users will be auto-updated to the latest version once it's live.


We love Google Maps marketing as much as we love pizza (an unhealthy amount). We offer:

  • Google Business Profile management services

  • Listings/citation management software

  • Reviews management software

  • Reputation management software

  • Google Business Profile SEO AI tool

  • Bulk Google review responding AI


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