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Why Google is deleting your business's reviews

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

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Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Why Google is deleting your business's reviews

Google has been removing reviews from Google Business Profiles at a staggering rate, with many business owners saying they've lost a significant number of their reviews in the past few weeks alone.

There are a few reasons we've seen Google remove reviews, the most obvious being they were fake. Google continues to be a fake review-catching machine, which has dramatically leveled the playing field. But now Google also deletes real reviews too.

Our theory is that they're also removing legit reviews from Google Business Profiles because they are, in fact, trying to level the playing field. Businesses that have been around for longer will naturally have significantly more reviews than newer businesses, which makes it even harder for new small businesses to break through. Removing many reviews from more established profiles narrows that divide.

We've known for a while now that the recency of reviews is more important than the total number of reviews when it comes to how high a Google Business Profile ranks, and this backs that up. Google probably doesn't want the old businesses to stop trying now that they've already gotten hundreds of reviews, so they're leveling the playing field and making it equally easy for everyone.

We can also tell Google is putting a lot of effort into perfecting its review systems since they just pushed out an update to it. Moreover, Google plans on making so many changes to their reviews system in the near future that they don't plan on even announcing them anymore, which they said here: "...we'll no longer be giving periodic notifications of improvements to our reviews system, because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace."

The best thing you can do to rank your Google Business Profile higher in local search results is to keep getting more reviews and know that only about 70% of the ones your customers leave will actually show up, and there's a chance that even they get removed. From reading Google's latest reviews system update, it seems they'll prioritize reviews that offer more detail and comparisons than just generic reviews. Looking for a takeaway? Check out our ProfilePro ranking tip of the week (right below here) for some inspiration!

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Try to get one new review in the next 2 hours! Bonus points if you can get the person to write a detailed review or upload an image or video with it.


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