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The Truth About Ranking Your Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

The Truth About Ranking Your Google Business Profile

Want to hear the truth about ranking your Google Business Profile at the top of Google Maps? Buckle up, because the reality is that, like everything else worth having, it takes a lot of time, ongoing effort, and skill to achieve and maintain a top spot.

Every day, we encounter someone surprised to learn that you need to regularly post updates and make modifications to your Google Business Profile if you want it to rank in the top three and stay there. If it were easy, everyone would be in the top three, which, of course, isn't possible.

Google loves consistency because they want active business owners on their platform.

A few months ago, we discussed how Google reset the playing field. They don't just rank businesses with the most reviews at the top. Instead, they give newer businesses or those with fewer reviews but more frequent updates a chance to rank higher.

Google also only shows a few weeks of posts on Google Business Profiles, indicating they care about recent updates. Promotions expire after one year. This trend of favoring recent information isn't limited to Business Profiles. Our friends at Adaptify (the automated blog writing company) shared a stat: 38% of content from 2013 or older no longer exists on Google Search. Google loves new information!

How can you use this realization to your advantage?

Google gives you several opportunities to regularly update your Google Business Profile: post updates, upload images, get reviews, reply to reviews, ask questions, answer questions, add services, change service descriptions, and add offers.

If you do this consistently, you can get your profile ranking in the top 3 in just a few months. Being in the top 3, also known as the map pack, can 10x+ your customers and revenue since an estimated 50%+ of all clicks go to the businesses in the top 3.

You have three options: do it manually, spend hundreds of dollars per month on a marketing agency, or hire Paige to do it for just about $3 a day. The choice is yours!

Google Business Profile Software

ProfilePro tip of the week:

Make sure your business description uses at least five of your target keywords. This helps Google understand what your business is about and can improve your ranking for each of those keywords. ProfilePro can write this for you with the click of a button!


Free Google Maps Ranking Audit Tool

Wondering how well your Google Business Profile ranks on Google Maps for different keywords? We built a free local ranking audit tool you can use to quickly find out!


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