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The Shortcut to Local Rankings Was Discovered

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Your Weekly Briefing

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

The Shortcut to Local Rankings Was Discovered

Good news, everyone! We found the shortcut to ranking faster in local search results. The bad news is that it's not easy. In fact, all of the shortcuts we were aware of (like buying reviews, running click-through rate manipulation campaigns, creating multiple profiles for the same business, etc.) have dried up. Google has become amazing over the past year at sniffing out the BS, and has badly punished those profiles that tried to take shortcuts. It's much harder to rank a profile that's been penalized, which means the shortcuts are actually the long way, and the organic approach is the shortcut. Deep, I know.

We're bringing this up because we've heard many horror stories recently of profiles that were trying to cheat the system and suddenly dropped to the bottom of search results, and we don't want that happening to you. Luckily, everything we do is white hat and above board, so if you've been following our advice on how to optimize your Google Business Profile, you're safe and already on the shortcut. Give yourself a pat on the back!


If you need a refresher on how to naturally optimize your Google Business Profile so it can organically rank higher, check out our newest video below!

How to improve your Google Ads PPC cost per click


Google Reviews Software RoboReply

If you manage reviews on many Google Business Profiles you need to try RoboReply. It helped us save hours a day on Google review management.


Google Business Profile Software

ProfilePro tip of the week:

Write a Google Business update and make sure to include at least three important keywords for your type of business. If you don't know what to write, have ProfilePro do it for you!

Note: we are aware of an issue that stops ProfilePro from loading on some profiles and are waiting on Google to approve the fix. If you need to use ProfilePro today and it won't load, click on one of your reviews, click reply, then our icon. It will then let you log in and use it as usual.


Welcome to the Merchynt Farmers Market! Everything we offer is 100% organic:

  • Google Business Profile management services

  • Listings/citation management software

  • Reviews management software

  • Reputation management software

  • Google Business Profile SEO AI tool

  • Bulk Google review responding AI


Check out our guide on every possible ranking strategy for Google Business Profiles!

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Google Updates You Should Know About

Google updates their algos regularly, and we check and then digest them for you. Here are the latest ones local marketers should know about:

  1. August 2023 - Core Algo Update

  2. March 2023 - Core Algo Update

  3. December 2022 - Spam Link Update

You can find details on all algo updates here.


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