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The Dumbest SEO Tip That Might Actually Be Genius

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The Dumbest SEO Tip That Might Actually Be Genius

Ok… hear me out! The internet has been ablaze with people saying how much Google has been prioritizing Reddit posts as of their last update, and they’re not wrong. If you search for anything right now on Google, there’s a solid chance you will see at least one Reddit link near the top. Since all I think about all day every day is how to rank Google Business Profiles #1 on Google, I immediately started to wonder, “How can I use this to my advantage?”

Well, folks, the Merchynt team figured it out. Start by going to Reddit and joining subreddits about your city and your industry. Then, think of creative posts you can publish in them, asking the community for their thoughts about your topic.

For example, when we searched for “best burger in Los Angeles” to test this theory, the #2 result (above the Google Business Profiles!) was a Reddit post asking “I want the absolute BEST burger in Los Angeles. Where do I go?” & the #6 ranking link was one saying “THE BURGER QUEST: My Eight-Year Journey to Find LA's Best Burgers”.

Both these posts had tons of comments, which is why Google showed them at the top. Here are some tips on how you can make this work for your business:

Tip #1: Be creative and don’t take this as an opportunity to just blast your company name online. Redditors are ruthless and will call you out if you’re not being genuine and providing value to the community. Take the above examples as inspiration.

Tip #2: If you can, find a way to include the “share” link to your Google Business Profile and your website hyperlink in the post so Google knows to attribute that to you, and people who see the Reddit post can find your business. Again, if doing this, it must be in a creative way that doesn’t make users think you’re just posting an ad.

There’s no saying how long Google will treat Reddit links with such priority, but since we found this little strategy, we figured we’d share it with you since we really appreciate you reading these.

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Make sure you have at least one question on your Google Business Profile from the past 30 days. If you don't, just ask one yourself then answer it. Make sure to use a target keyword in the question.


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