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SEO White Label Reseller Programs to Make Huge Profits

75% of local-intent mobile searches in the United States result in offline store visits within 24 hours. This has resulted in many local businesses looking for digital marketing partners to optimize their local presence online, get more traffic and increase their reputation.

This increasing business demand is great for marketing agencies, but it also comes with challenges. Are agencies ready to scale their business a receive more clients?

This explains why white label marketing services, and especially SEO white label reseller programs are so popular in the marketing industry. White label reseller programs are services created by another company and branded as your own. For example, an SEO white label reseller program allows agencies to white label a product and offer it to their customers as their own.

New to White Label SEO? Here’s a complete guide.

SEO white label reseller programs can be very profitable as you are saving yourself time to focus on getting more clients. However, keep in mind that your agency's reputation is at the forefront, and if the white label company does a poor job, they won’t really suffer the consequences.

Pick a reputable SEO white label agency. Merchynt has an excellent reputation on Trustpilot, and we have helped our customers drive 230% more website visitors within weeks. See how it works.

Top 3 most profitable white label SEO services

White Label SEO Services

On average, small businesses are willing to pay $750 to $2000 per month or $5000 to $30,000 for one-time SEO projects. Smaller companies that invest in SEO consulting services often pay $80 to $200 per hour.

White label SEO reseller programs often start at $15 a month, so profit could be more than 80%. Partner with a reputable white label SEO agency here.

White Label Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is a great way to promote your business online. As a white label provider, you can offer your clients a business listing on Google Maps that actually ranks! In fact, 60% of consumers begin their product research with a search engine before heading to a particular website. So ranking on Google’s local results increase enormously the chances of client conversion.

The regular price for local SEO services is $1500 per month, and SEO white label reseller programs begin at $15 per month.

White Label Listings and review Management

41% of brick-and-mortar buyers read reviews before making a purchase. So local businesses take reviews seriously. Marketing agencies can offer clients a comprehensive listing management solution that includes creating and managing profiles on all of the top directories, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Siri, Maps, Waze, and Bing.

On average, local businesses are willing to pay $80-$150/month for listing and review management.

Buy rates for resellers with Merchynt start at $15/month/location they sell it to 😲.

Who can you sell white label SEO services to?

Local businesses

Local businesses benefit a ton from local SEO using Google My Business. Even without a physical address. It gives them the chance to rank higher than domains with a high authority rate. can use white label SEO to show higher in “near me” searches on Google.

Small businesses

Small businesses like small eCommerce shops can’t compete with huge retailers and don’t have the same budget to pay for traffic. Therefore white label SEO services help them grow organically.

Service providers

Service providers like SaaS, Business Coaches or even personal trainers have a hard time finding out where their customers are converting them successfully. White label SEO programs help make customers come to them organically and affordably.


Restaurants and reviews are like a couple. It won't work out if they disagree and don't get along. Help restaurants get more positive reviews on Google Maps and Google Search by selling them white label review management software.

Dog Groomers

Most dog groomers get clients by customer referrals. But this isn’t scalable. Marketing agencies cal help dog groomers acquire more customers by helping them showcase their happy customers. By selling dog groomers white label social media marketing services, you can help them show off their skills.

Beauty Salons

Salons are like restaurants. What sets a restaurant apart from others? Excellent reviews! Sell them white label review management so their happy customers can share their good experience with other users.

Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services are booming now, but this doesn’t mean clients will magically appear and stay. Sell them white label SEO tools and white label review management software so they can get found and chosen by more messy people in their area.

About Merchynt

Merchynt is a white label marketing firm. We offer white label SEO, white label social media management services, and white label reputation management software to an extensive network of resellers. Whether you want to resell white label SEO services or anything else, Merchynt can help be your backbone.

We have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot and have helped thousands of local businesses grow by more than 200% a year.


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