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Reviews on Google Maps & How To Send Google Review Link

Reviews on Google Maps & How To Send Google Review Link

Business reviews on Google Maps are a great way to show potential customers how your business is doing and how great you are. They also play a role in the ranking of your listing on Google Maps, which can be improved by getting many positive customer reviews. In this article, we will cover reviews on google maps and how you can generate a Google review link so that you can send it out to your customers!

As reviews are important to gain trust from your potential customers, it is imperative that you have reviews on Google Maps. By having reviews on Google Maps, it will increase the rank of your listing and your business will show up more often in search results since reviews play a role! The better reviews you get, the higher chance people will find out about your business when they're searching Google Maps for businesses like yours - which is where 90% of people are searching for local businesses.

Before you can get reviews on Google Maps, you need to make sure your Google My Business profile is created. Once that's done and your business is verified with Google you can generate your Google review link to send to customers. You might be wondering why you need a Google My Business profile to create reviews on Google Maps, and the reason is that Google maps reviews are taken from your Google My Business profile.

Now that you understand the basics let's talk about how to generate a Google review link, and how to send Google review links to your customers.

To generate a Google review link, you can simply go to your Google My Business page and click reviews. Scroll down a bit and there should be an option to generate a review request link, which is what we want! You can log into your Google My Business account at

Now that you have the Google review link you might wonder how to send Google review link. You're about to find out.

You can add it to your existing customer emails, text messages, receipts, or even turn it into a QR code so you can ask your customers to scan a QR code to leave you a review. You can put the QR code on your window, door, car, service truck, or even on the back of your business cards. When people ask us how to send Google review links to customers, we suggest that they send their link via text message alongside a note saying something like

"Thank you so much for your business. If you wouldn't mind taking a second to tell us how we did I'd really appreciate your help! [add link here].

But sending your Google review link to all customers can be scary since it's not likely that all of them would leave a good review - even though your business is great I'm sure ;)

That's why thousands of small businesses owners use Merchynt to link to Google review pages - but only for positive reviews.

It's not possible to remove angry customer reviews from Google Maps, so it's important that you use a tool that can only send positive reviews to Google Maps, keeping the negative ones offline.

If you generate a Google review link using Merchynt you won't need to worry about bad reviews on Google Maps anymore since Merchynt only allows positive reviews to get posted, and sends the negative reviews to your email inbox instead.

If you want to learn how to generate a Google review link that only publishes positive reviews on Google Maps then have a look at Merchynt.


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