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Reviews on Google Maps and How To Get Them

Many businesses are unaware of the review system on Google Maps. One way to improve your business's online presence is to take advantage of reviews on Google Maps.

Reviews make a difference in how high your business appears in search results. The more reviews you receive, the higher your score will be. Obtaining reviews for your business could mean the difference between success and failure.

While reviews on Google Maps can be useful, they also have some downsides. Many reviews are not authentic reviews from actual customers, but reviews that were paid for or obtained through dubious means. Fake reviews can harm your business by making you appear untrustworthy.

How you acquire reviews makes a difference. Authentic reviews from real customers are going to benefit your business more than reviews that were coerced or tricked out of people. When a person reviews a product, service, or establishment on Google Maps, it appears as if they're actually recommending it. Google also knows where the person was when they left the review, and if it's nearby your business or service area it'll help you rank higher in that area's search results!

There are several ways to acquire reviews on Google Maps, starting with asking for reviews from actual customers. When a customer is satisfied with your business's performance, ask them if they'd be willing to leave a review on Google Maps. Just send them your leave a Google review link! If you don't know how to generate a Google review link then email and we'll help you through it.

You can also ask your friends and family to leave you some reviews if you don't have any yet. Just send them your Google review link!

In addition, you can choose to pay for reviews from websites that sell reviews, but keep in mind that these reviews tend to be regarded with suspicion by Google and other search engines. Paid reviews are more likely to appear spammy or untrustworthy than organic reviews posted by real customers and may lead to your Google My Business profile getting suspended.

Engaging with reviews is an important part of the process as well. Google will reward business owners that respond to at least 75% of their customers' reviews on Google Maps and Google search. Moreover, you'll get more reviews on Google maps if your customers see their input is being heard.

Seeking reviews on Google Maps can have a large impact on how high your business appears in local search results, increasing the traffic going through to your business's page.

If you want to get more reviews on Google Maps and Google search then consider using a review request link like the one that Merchynt provides to small businesses. You can learn more about Merchynt's local marketing service here.

Now go out there and get some reviews on Google Maps!


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