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Managing Apple Maps Business Listings

Managing Apple Maps Business listings is easy if you know how to do it, but for those of you who don't, don't worry, we'll show you how you can do things like claim apple maps business listing, how to update Apple Maps business listing, and other general topics related to questions like "How do I get my business listed on Apple Maps?".

To start, Apple Maps Business Listings are where Apple shows all businesses in an area in list form within the Apple Maps application and website. For Apple to show your business in Apple Maps they will first need to know some things about your business, such as what your business hours are, your address, your website, your logo, and more.

A little secret about Apple Maps business listings is that if you're in the USA, oftentimes Apple gets your business listings information from Yelp. So, if you want to edit Apple Maps business listings you can sometimes just edit your Yelp business listing. For those of you who want to know how to update Apple Maps business listings directly with Apple, it's quite simple. You just need to head over to what Apple now calls "Places on Maps" (formerly called "Maps Connect"), here.

Once you follow the process to set up your business on Apple's Places on Maps, you should see your business appear on Apple Maps, but it can take some time to start to rank or show up at the top.

But why set up your Apple Maps Business Listings separate from your Google My Business Listings? Wouldn't you prefer to set up your business listing in one place, and then have your business listing get automatically created and optimized on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp, and all the other popular websites people in your city are searching for businesses like yours?

Apple Maps Business Listings are important, but so are Google Maps Business Listings and similar sites. If your Apple Maps Business Listings are not identical to your business listing on Google Maps then you're not going to rank near the top of searches because Google wants to see the consistency of data for business listings. Otherwise, Google doesn't know if a business listing is accurate, making them less likely to show you to their users who trust Google for quality information.

That's why it's important to use a platform like Merchynt, where you can create a business listing once, and then have it automatically sent out to Google, Apple, Siri, Google Maps, Waze, and all the other platforms businesses need to create Listings on. Before you ask yourself "how to update your business on Apple Maps?" you need to ask yourself, does this matter if it's not going to rank?

Learn more about Merchynt's business listings optimization service at and start getting your Apple Maps Business Listings to show up at the top of Apple Maps today.


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