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Local Marketing Mixup Newsletter - Feb 15, 2023

Your Weekly Update Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023

Never underestimate the power of expectation

Whether you're a football fan or not, last weekend's Super Bowl game and halftime show is one of those crossover events that seems to be on everyone's radar. Part of the reason is the halftime show: Rihanna's performance has received mixed reviews.

Clearly pregnant, Rihanna was understandably unable to perform with the kind of energy that her fans have come to expect. And, since everything is about marketing, that got us thinking.

Whether your business is about high-end luxury or value-based convenience (and anything in between), it's less about what you're selling and more about what your customers have come to expect. The talk has to match the walk.

Failure to meet your customers' expectations will lead to confusion at best and disappointment or the end of their relationship with you at worst.

How are you meeting your customers' expectations this week?

Talk to your audiences – all of them Customers aren't the only ones you're talking to when you market. The eye-catching Burger King ad above is a great reminder that potential staff are also looking at your brand but for entirely different reasons. Spend some time thinking about who you want on your team, and how to connect with them.

Not trying to brag, but we're pretty good at this local marketing stuff:

  • Google Business Profile management services

  • Listings management software

  • Reviews management software

  • Reputation management software

  • The best part? Everything can be 100% white-labeled

Check out our guide on every possible ranking strategy for Google Business Profiles!

Google Updates You Should Know About

Google updates their algos regularly, and we check and then digest them for you. Here are the latest ones local marketers should know about:

  • December 2022 - Spam Link Update

  • September 2022 - Product Reviews Update

  • September 2022 - Core Algo Update

  • As of today (February 15th) you will no longer be able to specify price ranges or set custom calls to action in Products on your Google Business Profile. Single-priced items only.

  • Google just pushed out an update to their reporting APIs, which means our monthly reports for Google Business Pro users will likely look different next month as we make changes to match their new capabilities. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered!

You can find details on all algo updates here.


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