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Local Marketing Mixup Newsletter - April 26, 2023

Your Weekly Update Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Does Google Like AI Content?

Google recently updated its official policy around whether it will penalize people for using AI, such as ChatGPT or Bard, to write content.

While they mentioned their mighty SpamBrain system that can fight AI-generated content multiple times, their official stance is now that all content, however it's created, will be treated equally.

Moreover, Google continues to emphasize the importance of its E-E-A-T concept, emphasizing expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. As long as you can use AI to generate E-E-A-T content, Google will be as happy as Ted Lasso after losing a game. (oddly happy)

(take a long breath in...hold for 3 slowly release)

Ok, now you can finish uploading your 26th blog post this month.

AI SEO Tool ProfilePro Logo

We’re excited by this news too! As you know, our ProfilePro Chrome extension uses AI to generate Google Business updates, respond to reviews, and write service descriptions. Since we do it directly in the Google Business Profile management dashboard, they’d catch on to us pretty quickly! We’re thrilled to hear we won’t need to pull the plug just weeks after launching. If you haven’t installed our free Extension yet, what are you waiting for? No, seriously… what feature are you waiting for? Let us know! We are going to keep building ProfilePro to be the most helpful tool any marketer has. Let us know what you want us to add or change by replying to this email!

The weather is warming up, huh? Maybe now is the time you should outsource your marketing services so you can go enjoy the sunshine. Things we can take off your plate:

Google Business Profile management services

  • Listings management software

  • Reviews management software

  • Reputation management software

  • Google Business Profile AI tool

  • The best part? Everything can be 100% white-labeled


Check out our guide on every possible ranking strategy for Google Business Profiles!

How To Rank Business Higher on Google Maps

Google Updates You Should Know About

Google updates their algos regularly, and we check and then digest them for you. Here are the latest ones local marketers should know about:

You can find details on all algo updates here.


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