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Is your website hurting your Google Maps ranking?

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Your Weekly Briefing

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips

Is your website hurting your Google Maps ranking?

This week, we dove into some of the top-ranking Google Business Profiles in a very competitive niche to see what role domain authority and website optimization have to do with helping a Google Business Profile rank #1 on Google Maps.

Before we dive into the results...

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Ok, now back to the results!

We found that in our sample, the top-ranking Google Business Profiles had an average domain authority of 14/100, and the bottom-ranking ones had an average domain authority of only 2.75/100. A lot of people think domain authority for websites is a dead metric, but this suggests otherwise.

As for some other metrics we checked:

  • Higher-ranked Google Business Profiles had websites that were, on average, 9.7 years old, and poorly ranked profiles' websites were just 2.5 years old on average.

  • All websites reviewed had fairly optimized homepage title tags and headers (H1s), but we did find that the higher-ranking profiles tended to have better meta descriptions on their website homepages.

  • We also found that websites that have contact pages with contact forms and their location data on them tend to rank higher.

  • Lastly, we found with great confidence that profiles using the free Google Business Profile website as their primary website on their Google Business Profile tended to rank lower. It's surprising not to see Google rate their own website solution highly.

The main takeaways here are:

  1. You might want to work on boosting your domain authority. We'd suggest doing this by getting backlinks from industry websites. (not generic backlinks!) Here's a video that goes over the extreme basics of backlinks that we recently watched and agree with.

  2. You should add a contact page to your website and include a form and address details.

  3. Make sure your homepage meta description is optimized. If it matches your optimized Google Business Profile description, it is even better.


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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Take a video of your place of work and upload it to your Google Business Profile.


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