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How to Add Place on Google Maps

Many business owners ask Google "How to add place on Google Maps", and that's what we're going to answer.

Having your business show up on Google Maps and setting up your Apple Maps business listings is essential for marketing your local business. Most people in your area are likely using Google Maps & Apple Maps when finding a business like yours. Your Apple Maps business listings and Google Maps business listing will help you get found by those customers.

Here's our 3 Step Guide on How To Add Place on Google Maps

  1. Create your Google business profile for free - you can do this by going to Search for your business. If you cannot find it, click pick the option to create a new business in Google.

  2. Fill out the information with as much detail and SEO-friendly keywords and descriptions as possible. (Not an SEO guru? Email, and we'll help you.) You will get out as much as you put in, so if you want your Google business profile to rank at the top of Google Maps, you need to fill out your business profile completely.

  3. Verify your business. When you request the Google verification of business they're going to try to verify that you're the rightful owner through one of a few methods. Below are the most common:

  4. Google Verification Business Call - they will call you and give you a code to enter into Google to verify your business. Many people ask us, "Does Google business call you?" and the answer is yes.

  5. Google Verification Postcard - they will mail you a postcard with a verification code on it that you'll need to enter into Google to verify your business.

  6. Instant Google Verification - sometimes, but rarely, Google will instantly verify your business.

When talking about how to add place in Google Maps, we frequently get asked related questions:

  1. Google places verification postcard not arriving - If your Google verification postcard is not arriving and it's been more than 7-10 days since you requested your verification code then you should check the address that you listed on your Google business profile when you requested the verification code. Other issues may be that you mailed it to a P.O. box, which Google does not allow. If everything looks correct, then request a new code on

  2. What is a Google verification postcard? - It is a postcard that Google sends to business owners with a code on it. By receiving the Google business verification code at the address specified during the sign-up process, you will prove to Google that you represent the business and are not an imposter.

  3. How to track Google postcard - you cannot track the Google postcard. If it did not arrive within the window they estimated, then you should request a new verification postcard.

  4. Once I verify my Google business profile does this create my listing in Google Maps? Yes it does, although it may take 1-3 days after you verify your business for your listing to show up on Google Maps.

Now that you know how to add place on Google Maps, all you need to do is optimize it and get tons of positive reviews! That's where Merchynt comes in. Our local marketing service will optimize your business listing on Google Maps, your Apple Maps business listing, and your business listings on over 40 other platforms, plus help you get more positive reviews on Google maps. To learn more, go to


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