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How Google Business Profile Helps Contractors Bring Free Traffic

We often use Google to search for nearly everything, like the nearest coffee shop or the closest bookstore to visit. No matter what you looked up, it is most likely that those inquiries have something in common: you probably picked the place that had the highest ranking. The listings that appear when you research are linked to a Google Business Profile, which helps Google determine the order of the results shown.

Google Business Profile is a tool that could rapidly help your small business compete with large companies. They give small businesses the chance to be found through a simple search and showcase helpful information about their physical store or online service area. Since it is a personalised tool, owners can customise data like:

  • Pictures of the venue

  • Schedule updates

  • Share contact information

  • Add business hours

  • Include your business's website

How does creating a Google Business Profile help contractors boost their business?

For starters, Google is the world’s biggest search engine. In fact, it makes up 87% of the online search market. Online traffic is essential to optimise your website and earn a higher rank on the search engine results pages (AKA, SERPS) the page you see after entering a query into Google. We know it might seem confusing, but let us explain.

Think about your business for a moment. As a contractor, you have to satisfy not only the property owner but your team as well. On top of that, you’ve got to bear the responsibility of overseeing the whole project. Future customers or clients might want to have a way to contact you directly, visit your website and scroll through your social media profiles all at once and from the same page.

Therefore, building a platform in which clients can connect with you and your portfolios directly is key to attracting more traffic to your website. Google Business Profile can be the perfect ally for that because of the multiple customised data that can be included in it.

Let's have a look at this example:

When future customers google "contractors in Miami" the first search result they'll get are ads, but as a local business, there's no need to pay Google to show up first! Right below the ad are all the businesses with an optimized Google Business Profile, which they all created for free.

The map search results show contractor businesses with optimized GBP. Let's have a look at the first search result: Commercial Interior Contractors and see what could make them rank first:

  • They have a high star rating (4.8) but so are the other 2 contractor businesses.

  • They have 37 positive reviews, more than their competitors.

  • Commercial Interior Contractors have their website, phone number and directions available.

  • They added open hours.

  • They have many pictures of previous clients' results available on their Google Business Profile.

Opening a Google Business Profile is one of the best and cheapest options to boost your sales and presence. Why? Because the topics you choose to advertise are essential for reaching your target audience and increasing search traffic.

Here's another example:

Imagine Chad is a contractor that works mostly on the east coast. His business survived the pandemic lockdown thanks to clients who recommended his services to other customers. However, many of his previous customers are moving to other country areas. Chad needs to gain the attention of new prospects, how can he achieve that?

Linking his Google Business Profile to Google Maps!

How to create a Google Business Profile:

1. Claim your business profile

A Google Business Profile is basically a tool that Google developed to boost local and small businesses and help them compete with large companies organically. Depending on their inquiry. With the consumer’s journey becoming increasingly complex, it is crucial to track them down directly to the business’ website, how? Prioritising geolocation and meticulous data.

According to Google’s Consumer Insights, the number of searches that included the ‘near me’ designation doubled during the pandemic. This means that each inquiry becomes more personalised with time and enterprises are utilising this trend to their benefit.

How do potential clients know where to go when visiting a local business for the first time? They most likely found the location on Google because at least 64% of customers use Google Business Profiles to find contact information.

To make sure that you’re doing a good job, follow these tips:

  • Make sure your business name is identical to the one you use on your store signage

  • Make sure that both your business name and address exactly match your other listings across the web

  • Indicate both your regular and holiday hours

2. Add your contact information

Basic information like website, address and contact number is essential for potential customers to find your business. However, check if the information provided is updated and working correctly.

Highlight Important Aspects

Writing a detailed description is crucial, especially when many businesses fall into multiple categories. Usually, companies add at least three of these characteristics:

  • A detailed description of the business’ utility, mission statement and useful keywords (use all 750 available.)

  • Defined primary categories (based on your type of business.)

  • A list of technicalities that separate your business from other enterprises like your service, secondary categories, and delivery service, among others.

  • Special features customers can seek out like Free wi-fi, a gift shop inside or valet parking.

3. Set up your messages

Google Business Profile does not only allow you to respond instantly to your clients but lets you provide useful information to others, such as locations being moved, an unexpected change in schedule and create strategies that stem from the customer's perception of your business. It is essential to have positive feedback and encourage guests to share their experiences with the world!

Bottom line

Getting familiar with how Google Business Profile works is not an easy task at first, but Google Business Profile allows business owners the opportunity for their business to be found through a simple search.

Like any web-based business, Google Business Profile is the front door to access your company, it acts as your virtual storefront for communicating important information to searchers, therefore getting your business’ data out there is key.


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