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Google's New AI Image Flagging: What You Need to Know

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Google's New AI Image Flagging: What You Need to Know

Google has introduced a new feature that labels AI-generated or manipulated images in search results. Do we think this is the first step of them cracking down on AI-generated images, or just a way to keep consumers safe? 

While we haven't seen evidence that AI images in Google Business Posts harm their performance in local rankings, we do think it’s wise to only use real, authentic images when uploading to the photos section of your GBP. Google favors authenticity, and raw images perfectly align with that.

Google wants to show its users exactly what to expect when they interact with a business, and nothing says real life like a photo taken from a cell phone. AI images aren’t even practical for many business types like restaurants or salons, since the images generated would not represent what a consumer would see if they went there, which would cause confusion, frustration, and negative Google reviews. 

Your potential customers want to see real images of your business and your products or services, not just artificial images with your logo slapped on them. Optimize your Google Business Profile by consistently uploading new, raw images of your products, services, and physical location to show a true representation of your business.

Did you know you can automate uploading images to your GBP now?

If constantly uploading images feels like a hassle, check out our image upload tool in Paige - our groundbreaking automated Google Business Profile optimization AI! It drips your images over time onto your Google Business Profile and SEO optimizes them with geotags and alt text containing target keywords for maximum impact. Just upload a bunch of new images to it and sit back for months while it drips them onto your Google Business Profile at the perfect time. Paige can do much more than just optimize your images; it will handle all of your posting, review management, and reporting! Start your $1 trial here!

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Don’t publish images in bursts to your Google Business Profile. Rather, upload 1 at a time with a couple of days in between. Consistency is much more important than just getting tons of images uploaded to your profile. It shows Google that your profile is consistently updated and active.


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