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Google’s Algorithm Leak: Secret Sauce or Just Ketchup?

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Google’s Algorithm Leak: Secret Sauce or Just Ketchup?

Happy Wednesday, my favorite newsletter reader! This week, we’re going to talk about two interesting developments in the Google Business Profile world.

The first is the recent Google algorithm leak, which allegedly reveals what Google uses to determine rankings. These leaked documents appear to be from Google and, if authentic, might have exposed their inner workings. However, they could also be completely fabricated and meaningless. GMB Everywhere wrote an interesting article about this, which you can read here. Our take on this is that none of it is groundbreaking; it confirms the same ranking metrics we’ve assumed for years. But because this is all unconfirmed, those same ranking factors remain as questionable as ever.

The second development we’re seeing with Google Business Profiles this week has to do with how the questions and answers are loading on certain profiles. It appears there is a bug affecting many profiles, where it either shows an incorrect number of questions and answers or does not show all users the same number of Q&As. This bug seems to have appeared out of nowhere, leading us to believe that Google is preparing to make some type of change in how Q&As work on Google Business Profiles, given that this is a new bug.

We’ve also noticed with our new AI-powered, fully automated Google Business Profile management platform, Paige, that sometimes Google’s API returns inconsistent Q&A data. Do you think Google accidentally broke that feature, are they working on a major upgrade to how Q&As work, or are they about to kill it off entirely, just like with its friend call tracking?

Stay tuned, and we will find out together! Speaking of Q&As, did you know Paige can automatically write questions and answer them based on the information on your website? Try Paige now for just $1 - you won’t regret it!

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Make sure you've answered all the questions on your Google Business Profile, and ask a few questions while you're at it.


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