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Google Killed Call Tracking

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Google Killed Call Tracking 

You likely saw and ignored Google's email this week mentioning they’re killing off the call tracking stat for Google Business profiles. If you're like us, you're probably still scratching your head trying to figure out why they would do this. Instead of speculating, let’s just talk about what this means moving forward.

In case you're not familiar with this metric, it's what tells you how many people clicked the call button or your phone number on your Google business profile, which is a pretty helpful metric to see how well you are performing on Google Maps. It's only accompanied by a few other metrics like website clicks and direction lookups, so it's a pretty big loss for reporting. This doesn't take effect until July 31st of this year, so we all have time to figure out if this matters to your business and, if so, how we can keep tracking calls.

If you decide that tracking calls is important to you, what you can do is start using a call-tracking system. The way these call tracking systems for Google Business Profiles work is by giving you a new number that you'll put onto your Google Business Profile, and when someone calls it, it redirects the call to your actual phone number. This mechanism allows them to see how often you got called and report on it.  Clearly, it's not as ideal as the built-in solution Google has had for years, and it also creates more issues because now your phone number on Google might not match your phone number on Apple Maps and Bing, which could cause confusion for both potential customers and search engines. Again… we’re still scratching our heads here.

For now, I think we should play the waiting game and see what Google announces next for call tracking rather than jumping right in and implementing a solution that we might not need in a few months, which might also cause more issues than it’s worth.

A Merchynt, we prefer using heat map audits to judge the success of Google Business Profiles instead of metrics like calls and website clicks because they can fluctuate with weather and seasonality, whereas heat map audits show your ranking in relation to your competitors which is not seasonal. If you'd like to get a heat map ranking report for 10  keywords you should be ranking for, sign up for a $1 trial of Paige ( now and see where you rank compared to your competitors in your area. It only takes about a minute to do and it'll optimize your Google profile in the process for those keywords.

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ProfilePro is giving a shoutout to its big sister this week, Paige. If you haven't checked out Paige yet, go do that now:


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