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Google is Testing You

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Google is Testing You

Just because Google’s March-April algorithm update is complete doesn’t mean Google is done making changes! In the past 10 days, we’ve come across and have been notified about by your fellow readers many new layouts Google is trying out for local searches and Google Business Profiles. How do we know this you ask? Well, because each time Google tries a new layout, we’re forced to quickly update our ProfilePro Chrome extension to support it.

Some of the layouts we’ve seen Google testing on different users are:

  • Not showing any website results at all when someone types “near me” in the search box. Instead, Google just showed a wall of Google Business Profiles, similar to what you see in Google Maps.

  • Showing a filter option in the review replies area of the Google Business Profile management dashboard that allows users to see only the reviews they have not replied to yet.

  • Not showing the profile editor selection on the top left of the screen for logged in business admins at all, and instead having users make edits directly on their Google Business Profile.

It’s unclear what Google is testing, but our hunch is that it has to do with which layouts result in more businesses paying for ads, since after all, that’s what accounts for ~85% of their revenue. (thanks for that stat Gemini aka Bard aka “Google’s ChatGPT thing”)

Moving right along here…

This morning, we added 50 more people to our new fully automated Google Business Profile management platform, Paige. If you want to get access next, be sure to join the waitlist ASAP at Paige is like having the world's best Google Business Profile manager working for you around the clock for just a few cents per hour.

Lastly, next Thursday our Founder is co-hosting a live webinar about how to automate all your SEO with AI. The other host is the co-founder of Adaptify - a leading SEO company for websites. Register for that here to get a reminder before it starts. You won’t want to miss this one-time event since these are two of the leaders in the automated AI SEO space.

Google Business Profile Software

ProfilePro tip of the week:

In honor of us fixing the "review reply" feature after Google changed the layout, go make sure you've replied to all your customer reviews, and if you didn't get a new review in the past 5 days, join the Paige waitlist so you can make sure that never happens again!


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