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Everything Roofers Need to Know About Reviews on Google Maps

Not long ago, two children that lived on 17 Cherry-Tree Lane were surprised by an uptight and somewhat often irritable nanny. These kids were erratic and ruthless, nonetheless, with a little help from Mary Poppins and her friends, they learnt the importance of manners and good behaviour.

One of those friends was a jack-of-all-trades, Bert, who was very familiar with climbing on top of roofs, cleaning chimneys, being a chalk painter and overall, being a roofer. Bert was mostly known for being a funny guy and making friends in every corner; nonetheless, if you were to ask people about Bert’s roofing abilities what would they say? Well, their answer would probably be that they thought he was quite amicable.

See, whenever Mary Poppins was in trouble the only thing she had to do was call her ‘chim chimney’ friends and they would pop out of roofs and chimneys to aid her. However, in an actual scenario, real roofers work similarly.

If someone is having trouble with cleaning their gutters, patching small leaks or replacing crackling shingles they would most likely phone their local roofer. But this does not work in every case.

Imagine a new lessee just moved into the neighbourhood where Lucy and Isabel have been residing for more than 20 years and basically know everything there is to know about their neighbourhood. One day, the new tenant notices a leak on the roof of his living room and is quick to report the situation to the pair of old ladies next door.

Nonetheless, the friendly neighbours recognize that they are aware of absolutely every plumbing service, carpet cleaning service and even kitchen repairer, yet they don’t seem to know of anyone who can fix the poor guy’s roof. The tenant decides to google ‘Good Roofer.’

Google shows him many different solutions to his problem. In the end, he decides to go for the first option, usually the one with the most google reviews.

So What are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are online’s ‘word of mouth’ and their repercussions could cost a business’ good or bad reputation. About 54.7% of online users turn to Google to consult on a service they desire to hire and 79% of users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

How do they help roofers to get more clients?

How can future customers learn about your business and more importantly, how do they find out it’s worth it? Google Reviews allow potential customers to know which business is ranked first on a search in Google based on their ranking. How is a high ranking obtained? Practically by getting positive reviews on Google Maps.

What are the basics roofers need to know to make the most out of their business?

Here are a couple of unmissable steps to boost your business and get more Google Reviews on Google Maps:

You need to create a Google Business Profile and link it to Google Maps!

Google Maps is a web mapping platform that offers satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic conditions and even route planning for travellers or bystanders. But, when it comes to guiding people to get to places, a determining factor is customer reviews. However, to locate a business on Google Maps, there needs to be a Google Business Profile linked to it.

A Google Business Profile is basically a crash course in online marketing where potential clients get accurate information about an enterprise of their interest, depending on their inquiry. Since it is a personalised tool, owners will manage their profile through the Search Engine and Maps, allowing them to add customised data such as pictures of the venue and schedule updates.

But, the profile will most importantly let them communicate with online users, especially over the ‘QnA’ feature or the review section.

No worries, let us further explain:

Great reviews are a necessary asset for businesses that offer services, especially something as essential as roofers. They basically are a way for other people to find out about your entrepreneurship and get in contact.

Templates are a great way to receive the perfect review on Google Maps!

Clients value honesty, especially when it comes to getting to know a business, so to make it easy for your customers to write a simple yet positive review it is helpful to give them a simple guide, consequently offering a template like a QR code or SMS would be ideal. The average customer reads, at least, four to six reviews before settling or deciding, therefore building trust is a key factor.

Impersonal and short reviews are not the way to go if your enterprise’s goal is to increase online traffic, clients evaluate every aspect of your business, including positive and negative comments. Responding to an unfavourable client’s opinion may not be optimal, but a potential customer may want to see that the people reviewing your business are human and acknowledge excellent and adverse situations.

Let’s check some tips that might help your enterprise get marvellous reviews:

  • Make sure your Google Business Profile is updated: location, contact info, website and social media profiles

  • Verify that profile in order for it to connect with Maps and track users to your location (you have to verify your profile in order to respond to messages)

  • Generate a link to your Google Reviews directly on your profile

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews

  • Let clients upload pictures or videos of their experience

  • Reply to their messages, suggestions and complaints to build trust

  • Value ALL reviews

  • Include them in newsletters or thank you emails

  • Add it at the end of a chat interaction

  • Include them on your enterprise's receipts

For clients to find you through Google Maps, encourage previous customers to leave positive reviews!

We know that getting customer reviews is easier said than done, but the reality is that the more positive reviews you have, the higher the chances that customers prefer your business to the competitors.

So, to get in contact with previous clients and get pursue to make positive about your trustworthy service remember to:

  • Get personal: Building personal connections with clients is crucial for establishing loyalty and frequent visits. Try setting up polls or Q&A features on your sites

  • Try Automated Promotions: Creating ads that will automatically pop up to your potential client's interests is key to boosting their chances of clicking on your content, almost as easy as ‘word of mouth promotion

  • Improve your SEO: About 46% of Google’s searches stem from local searches, how do these happen? Most likely through their ranking on Google Reviews. This means that the higher score you get, the more chances people have of finding you

  • Send requests via email: Emails are an easy option for interacting with previous customers, therefore in addition to sending your weekly newsletter, it is important to remind them of leaving reviews on your site

Remember, your goal is to boost your online traffic and make your Roofer Service accessible for potential clients, whilst building a trustworthy relationship with recurrent customers.

We regularly get our customers to rank within the top 3 positions in local Google Search results - which is where you want to be! Rank in the top 3 or get your money back! Book a free consultation call to get started.


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