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A contractor's Guide to Getting Google Reviews

If you were to ask millennials and gen z about their favorite tv show as a kid, their answer would probably be ‘Bob the builder’. Not only Bob was extremely efficient, but he also solved complicated problems with his machine pals about broken pipes, unfinished barns and even broken windows.

The services Bob the builder provided were highly appreciated by the citizens of Sunflower valley and if a new neighbour asked them to suggest a person fix their unusable kitchen sink or their forgotten garage, most fingers would point to Bob the builder’s workplace, Bobsville.

A real-life contractor is no different from Bob the builder, in fact, their job is basically the same: fixing people’s problems with their homes and finishing long-term construction projects. Nonetheless, nowadays recommendations are not only given by friendly neighbours, but also by previous clients on the internet.

Approximately 63% of internet users consult comments made by previous customers before purchasing from a business or hiring their service. Those comments are called reviews, or in this case, Google Reviews.

What’s a Google Review?

Google Reviews are online’s ‘word of mouth” and they could cost a business a good or bad reputation. About 54,7% of online users turn to Google to consult on a service they desire to hire and 79% of users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Why? Well simply because Google Reviews are reliable posts about someone else’s experience with a business. In fact, on many occasions, a business's reputation is not given by awards or prizes, on the contrary, it is conferred by customers' opinions on how well people do their job.

Let’s say a client has been wanting to renovate their kitchen for years now but had to put it off because of work commitments and economical issues. Now a few years later they’re looking forward to your ‘Spanish Villa’ renovation. Nonetheless, they remain clueless about where to start.

A friendly neighbour tries to give them good advice on constructor recommendations, yet he seems to ignore anyone who fits their case. Therefore, the customer decides to browse the web. Its search includes the words ‘Contractor in florida’ and a couple of results pop up. Nonetheless, how could you help your client pick yours?

By getting more Google Reviews.

The map search results show contractor businesses in Florida with optimized GBP. Let's have a look at the first search result: Florida Certified Contractors and see what could make them rank first:

  • They included a local keyword “Florida” in their business name.

  • They have a high star rating (4.8.)

  • Even though the second result on the list (FL Contractors) has a 5.0-star review, Florida Certified Contractors has 124 reviews, many more than the second place.

  • They have their website, phone number and directions available.

  • They added open hours.

  • They have many pictures of previous clients' results available on their Google Business Profile.

This shows that it’s worth it to get more customer reviews to increase your ranking on Google organically.

Where can contractors get more Google reviews?

1. Ask your clients to leave a review personally

Let’s say you finished your client’s renovation and they’re pleased with the result, before you ultimate the last details on the restoration you ask your client to check your website and leave a quick review on your work.

Though accessing your website is not complicated, finding the tab to leave a comment seems to be a problem for a few of your customers. How could you fix that?:

  • Include a template on your website that is easy to fill in and easy to find

  • Links or QR Codes are great alternatives for redirecting your customers to your review tab

  • Include a template that grants clients the opportunity to fill a ‘keyword’ filled comment about their experience with your enterprise

  • Add plug-ins that aggregate your Google reviews onto your website automatically. Start here.

Remember: The simpler the template is, the more chances your business has of getting a review!

2. Send a text to your clients

With how busy everyone’s schedule usually is, remembering to leave a review is not always on your client's top of mind. For that reason, leaving them a quick message to remind them to comment on your work is never useless.

However, remember that making it easier for your customers to leave a positive comment will have a better impact on whether or not they write a review; therefore try to:

  • Include the link that redirects them to your review tab on your website

  • Create a simple template that lets your clients know which aspects you value on a review: effectiveness regarding your work, personal service or quality of your details

3. Add a review link to your receipt

Online receipts are the way to go when finishing a deal nowadays, so including a quick reminder at the bottom of your voucher is no surplus. Nonetheless, be sure to check that the link or QR Code at the end of your receipt redirects your client to your business profile.

Now that you’re all set to get more Google Reviews, here is how to monitor them:

How to monitor Google Reviews

1. Make sure your company is linked to a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile facilitates the process of giving feedback, responding to messages and improving the chance of people finding your business. It matches your social profiles, website, and other directories, allowing customers to locate your business on Google Maps.

Google Profile owners can set automated reminders requesting visitors to evaluate the website's or location's assistance, service and much more after a visit. It allows business owners to create and verify their own data on Google.

2. Check your reviews tab regularly

On your Google Business Profile home page, where you check aspects like messages, insights, bookings and more, you will find a ‘reviews’ tab. That page essentially shows your review history – the ones you have replied to and the ones that possibly fell through the cracks.

In that section, you will be able to reply to comments, answer previous messages and, most importantly, track how your business is doing and what you can do to contribute to its improvement. Do clients think that your online customer service can improve? Great! Set a plan to work on that; your customers notify you of a failure on your website. Amazing, correct that immediately!

3. Partner with a Local Marketing Consultor!

As a business owner, there are endless tasks to get done, so you can sometimes neglect to reply to or keep track of reviews. However, a great way to follow these commentaries closely is to deploy them to a Local Marketing Consultor.

Getting customer reviews is easier said than done, but the reality is that the more positive reviews you have, the higher the chances that customers prefer your business to the competitors, and Google selects your website or listing as trustworthy and high-quality

We regularly get our customers to rank within the top 3 positions in local Google Search results - which is where you want to be! Rank in the top 3 or get your money back! Book a free consultation call to get started.


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