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4 Things to Immediately Do When You Get Bad Google Reviews

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4 Things to Immediately Do When You Get Bad Google Reviews

Imagine someone is standing in front of your business just leaving you 1-star review after 1-star review, dragging down your 5-star rating by the minute all the way to a 1-star. That would be devastating, wouldn't it? You spent years building up your online reputation, and now it's crumbling.

Sometimes you get bad reviews - it happens! Either because you messed up, a customer was having a cranky day, or because bad people are trying to extort you by leaving you bad reviews and then demanding payment to remove them. Unfortunately, in our case this week, it's the latter.

We'll take our very frustrating current situation and use it to teach you how to defend your business from similar attacks or the typical bad review that comes your way every now and then.

You see, for us, it all started at 6:45 am Los Angeles time two days ago. We quickly got eight 1-star reviews, all saying basically the same thing. We were heartbroken since previously we only had 5-star reviews, so we checked to see which users were so upset with ProfilePro, and quickly found that none of the reviews were left by real users. Then, a few minutes later, we received an email asking if we needed help getting bad reviews taken down along with screenshots of said reviews. 

Even someone who lost their sense of smell from Covid knows that smells fishy.

Google has algorithms in place to catch spam attacks like this, but if they miss them, you have a few options to save your online reputation:

  1. Flag the reviews with Google. You can do this by clicking the options icon next to each review and then selecting the option that applies best. You can also ask your friends to flag them since the more people flag bad reviews, the faster Google removes them.

  2. Wait for Google to catch the user's fake email accounts and watch all those reviews disappear over time. This can take a while.

  3. Ask your best customers to help you out and drown the fake bad reviews out with new 5-star reviews.

  4. Reply to the review in a way that is both respectful and points out that it is a fake review so potential customers aren't turned off by it.

Our attacker's review was: "Here's a fake situation, and the bad extension is not operational."

Clearly fake, right? It makes no sense and has nothing to do with our extension.

Our reply was: "Hi there, we have no record of you being a user. Can you please email with what we can do to make things right? We are a small business just trying to do our best to help people with marketing, and this type of review really hurts us."

Our ProfilePro Chrome extension went from a 5/5 to now below a 3 because of these criminals, which is upsetting personally, and also sets our company back years. As we pointed out above, one option is to ask your supporters to help flood out the bad fake reviews with new 5-star reviews.

So, if you could spare the literal 17 seconds it takes to leave us a Chrome Store review, it would mean so much to us since, honestly, we're very upset right now.

Click to leave Chrome store review to help us fend off the fraudsters:

Note: there's a delay in how Google shows the rating to users vs. developers. For us, it shows a 2.9/5, whereas publicly, it's still showing around a 4.5.

Thank you so much in advance for your support, and we truly hope this never happens to you and your business because it really hurts. If it does happen, we hope this guide helps you through it.

Click to leave Chrome store review to help us fend off the fraudsters:

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ProfilePro tip of the week:

Go back to any negative reviews you've received and use ProfilePro to generate a nice reply. ProfilePro won't lose it's cool when replying to negativity, unlike us humans.


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