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3 benefits of creating a Google Business Profile for Restaurants

Whether it was to look up that coffee shop your friend introduced you to last week, or searching for the new Baklava spot you saw online, we bet you used Google for your quick inquiry. In fact, more than 1 billion internet users are typing on Google’s search bar as you read this article, increasing the company’s market share by 90%. However, what if you could use Google to boost up your own business?

According to CNBC, approximately 6 million paying businesses are using Google Business Profile to optimize their work field and engage with the online community, staying up to date with the latest trends and putting your ‘biz’ in front of plenty of potential clients. Since restaurants make up to one billion of Google’s searches every month, here are three benefits of creating a Google Business Profile for Restaurants:

Exposure to potential clients

This first reason could easily be summarized in one word: Money. Nonetheless, since it is important to understand why you are wasting money by not jumping on the Google Business Profile bus, here is a more detailed explanation: By listing your restaurant on Google’s search engine, which is entirely free, future customers can get access to your business’ hours of operation, website, directions, phone numbers and even easily order from your preferred delivery service!

Since GBP allows online searchers to have access to photos, location, and recent updates from your business, they are able to read through other costumer’s reviews and get an idea of what their experience was at your restaurant. Did they enjoy the Steak? or was the Cacio e Pepe too greasy?

Likewise, people will have the option to make a reservation, dig through the menu, know the service options or even get the most recent health and safety measures to visit your business, all just by typing your biz’s name on the search bar.

People are searching for businesses like yours as your read this post. Are you showing up near the top? Start raking today!

Maintaining an Online Presence

Although signing up for any type of profile online is rather daunting, creating a Google Business Profile will be a walk in the park if you’ve already got your hands on any type of social media account.

Extra details such as uploading fresh pictures of your interiors and verifying your account’s identity through a quick tap on your phone are required, yet this will not take up more than 10 minutes.

Even if you’ve got a website already developed or just opened a small Taco spot down the street, by visiting and updating your information regularly on your Google Business Profile you will be able to know how many people have clicked on your business' name, visited your page and requested to send you a message; therefore you will manage to track where does your online traffic come from.

For instance, by understanding and managing your online presence, the chances of drawing more attention to your restaurant will increase, and consequently, so will the visibility of your business.

Influencing your customer's decision

How to get good reviews on Google
How to get good reviews

As reported by Shopify, 93% of clients are most likely to be influenced by reviews online, especially if they come from previous customers. Testimonies are incredibly powerful for attracting other purchasers because they feel more genuine, familiar, and plausible, they make them believe in what they are stating.

Positive reviews are a must, and those can only be achieved by improving your search engine ranking, generating leads, and engaging with your online community. Google Profile does not only allow you to respond instantly to your clients, but lets you provide useful information to others, such as locations being moved, an unexpected change in schedule, and create strategies that stem from the customer's perception of your business.

A Google Business Profile also improves local SEO which is particularly beneficial for restaurants. If people search for keywords like ”near me” or “along my route” your business is 1000% more likely to show up.

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