Does your gym show up at the top of search results?

We help gyms get found by more people and get the positive customer reviews they need to win over new members.

Merchynt sends review requests to your gym members and automatically posts the positive reviews to platforms like Google, Facebook, & Yelp, and sends the negative ones to your private inbox.

More positive reviews = more gym members.

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10 minutes

How long it will take you to create a Merchynt Listings account, add your gym's information and push it out to every platform, website & app that matters.  What's a business listing?

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5 minutes

How long it will take you to design a survey and solicit reviews from your members ongoing. Our advanced Merchynt Reviews tech raises our customers' online customer reviews by 1 additional star on average!

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All day

How long you'll want to spend in your Merchynt Reviews dashboard tracking how you're performing compared to your three closest competitors for industry-specific KPIs like cost, service, location, quality, and more.

There's a reason why successful gym managers rely on this service to save time growing their membership base!

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more returning customers


higher search rankings


on review sites that matter


growth in revenue

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We cost a lot less than not getting an extra member next week