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Getting Started with
Merchynt Grow

Congratulations on taking the first step required to start getting found by more customers and getting better online customer reviews. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our beloved support team (, use the chatbox below, or schedule a free welcome call with an Optimization Expert who can also help you brainstorm ways to get more customers & reviews, below.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Configure Your Listings

We try to save you time by pre-filling most information, but to be safe, please check the pre-filled data carefully and add information everywhere it's missing or can be more complete. The more data you provide the more likely you are to show up near the top of your local search results.

To get started, log into your Merchynt Grow account by going to 

When you log in, just select Listings from the left navigation bar, then select the location of yours that you want to start on, then select Edit location information then Edit next to Company Details, as shown below:

Now that you're in the Listings editing form you can start filling out your business location information.  Be sure to add information for as many fields as possible.  We collect every data point, then sent the relevant ones to each platform that we sync with.

A few pointers for each tab based on our frequently asked questions:

Company Details: This is the search query that you want to show up for the most.  We allow you to add up to four more secondary categories in the Additional Categories tab, but be sure to use the best one as your Primary category.

Opening Hours: If you open and close throughout the day be sure to select Add hours to create your morning and evening hours each day.

Special Opening Hours: Use this tab throughout the year as you change your opening hours to reflect holidays, harsh weather, etc. Please do not wait until the last minute to update your special hours since some platforms that we publish to can take up to 72 hours to update.  You can set special days where you are closed entirely, opening late, or closing early.

Company Description: It's important that you add all 10 keywords here to ensure you show up in as many local search results as possible. Get creative if you need to!  Be sure to use keywords in your Short & Long descriptions as well since these are used by search engines to determine whether you're a good fit for what the local searcher is looking for.

Services & Brands: Be sure to let the world know all of the services that you offer and the brands that you sell.  If you have a specialty product or service that people nearby may be searching for then this is your time to shine!

Attributes: These vary based on business types, but in all cases, you should configure every single one that applies to your business.  The more complete your listings information is the more confidence consumers will have in giving you a chance.

Payment Options: Let the world know what payment options are available to them.  Believe it or not, people are searching for businesses near them that accept Apple Pay and Bitcoin, etc.  Don't you want to show up if you do?

Connect Channels: Be sure to connect both your Google My Business and Facebook Business Page.  The rest we can update on our own. This will also enable us to show you how well your listings are performing on these platforms. 

Do not connect your Google or Facebook accounts until you have fully completed your Listings information in Merchynt.

Step 2: Sync Data & Measure Results

Once your information is completely inputted into Merchynt Listings, you'll want to ensure your data is syncing.  To do this, toggle over to the "Channels" tab and turn on the Auto-sync option. You'll notice that some of the platforms that we integrate with also control other platforms.

Now that your data is syncing, and you've connected your Google My Business & Facebook Business pages you'll be able to track all kinds of helpful metrics by toggling over to the "Results" tab.  

Step 3: Set Up Review Platforms

Setting up your and your competitor's review platforms is fast and easy.  Just select the Reviews tab from the left navigation bar, then select Review Manager.  From there, select Settings from the top navigation bar.  If you are managing multiple locations you can toggle through them using the drop-down bar near the top right. Simply find your and their profile pages on the various platforms that you want to track and paste the URLs in the corresponding fields. For the best outcome, be sure to add as many platforms as possible for yourself, and all 3 of your closest competitors.

We suggest that you use 2 local competitors and 1 business that's similar to yours and considered the industry leader, even if you don't directly compete.

Note: data can take up to 72 hours to populate from all platforms so please be patient if the data does not appear to be accurate or complete immediately. You'll be able to tell by the icons next to the URLs whether the data is available for that platform yet.

Step 4: Request Reviews From Your Customers

If you have ways to collect your customer's email addresses - great!  If not and you want to brainstorm with our team, please be sure to book a free brainstorming session above.  Now, to get started simply hover over the Reviews tab, then select Review Request. Then select Create new campaign and follow the instructions.



When a customer receives the review request email, if they select Excellent or Good they'll be brought to the first platform that you selected on the previous screen.  If they select OK or bad they'll be directed to the 2nd platform you selected, or to an email generator to write your manager a review, privately.  Most customers send negative feedback to a manager's inbox.

Google review software illustration

After a lot of  A/B testing we've found that the above format and messaging produces the highest amount of reviews, so for your best outcome, we don't enable editing of the message, although you can change the image. 

Google review management software illustration

When you get to the screen above, just select Import your own email addresses.  If you have a system that you currently use to communicate with your customers or a digital receipt provider, then please email or schedule a welcome call above so we can help you integrate the two. Ideally, we can work with you to automate the review request process, such as sending it alongside your digital receipts, so that you can set it up once in Merchynt then forget about it.  Otherwise, you'll just want to re-run campaigns every week in Merchynt to capture the most amount of reviews.

Once you're ready, hit Start Campaign on the next page and watch the positive reviews roll in!  Please be patient - some platforms like Google, Facebook, & Yelp have a review period of up to 5 days that can delay the posting of your customer reviews. It's also expected that not every review left by a customer will get published.

That's it!  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.

Configure Listings
Measuring Results
Set Up Review Platforms
Requst Customer Reviews
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